Tips & tricks to increase blog traffic, Free WordPress blogging tips

Tips & tricks to increase blog traffic Best blogging tips

increase blog traffic, blogging tips, best WordPress tips, how to increase website traffic, seoBest Blogging tips: In this article we will be discussing about the best blogging tips, best blogging tips to increase blog traffic. We will also discuss about best tricks to increase blog and best techniques to increase blog traffic. Through these best blogging tips to increase blog traffic we will tell you the tricks that can help you to improve the search engine visibility and  rank of your blog and thus blog traffic. All these things are inter-connected.
So improvement of each and every aspect of the blogging is very essential. Reading, Writing and Sharing the blogs are the three tasks that every blogger does. But the one who do all these tasks smartly and effectively, gets success. These best blogging tips that we are providing you, will help you to increase your blog traffic.

Along with blog traffic, organic traffic is very important. Organic traffic lets you earn more amount than the regular traffic. So the main focus should be on organic traffic coming directly from search engine like GOOGLE.

On Page SEO

SEO plugins and writing keywords are very useful things. If you practice it smartly, it will for sure work in your favor and will bring blog traffic  by indexing your site. But sometimes this task of writing keywords again and again might be time consuming and may over-burden you. To avoid such this, we will advise you to go for on Page SEO Tips. It means optimizing your content in such a way that your page contains the keywords that you want to force.

Submit your blog on famous directories

There are lots of web directories that rank websites and blogs on the  basis of their content and the linking of the site with other sites. Web directories are very useful in bringing your blog in limelight. s on web directories Submit your  blogs and websites regularly on web directories and keep on writing healthy content. This will also help in increasing blog traffic as when readers will search the niche of your blog then your blog will be listed there.  One of the the most famous web directory is You should submit your blog on at least on 20 directories in order to index your site properly.

Use Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking can also be used to bring blog traffic and to increase linking of your blog. Along with bringing taffic to your blog, bookmarking websites also help in creating quality backlinks and making indexing of your site better on the search engines. Increasing blog & website traffic by Facebook is most common. There are many plugins available free on WordPress with which you can share your posts on social bookmarking sites. The most commonly used among them are Buffer,  Reddit, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, and etc. Sharing your posts on Google Plus can also be helpful.

Make quality backlinks

Making quality backlinks is a very effective way of increasing blog traffic. Backlinks basically  means the incoming links to your blog .  They can be very effective if they are quality backlinks of high Google Page Rank. Backlinks of good quality increase the search engine rank of the blog and thus the visibility of your blog on Google. This ultimately drives the organic traffic to  blog posts.

Role of backlinks in improving Google rank is very important.

This was all about the best blogging tips, best tricks to increase blog and best techniques to increase blog traffic and best blogging tips to increase blog traffic. We hope that you liked our article and you will follow these best blogging tips while writing your own blogs.

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