Role of backlinks in improving search engine rankings, SEO Tips

Role of backlinks in improving search engine rankings

Backlinks, SEO, search engine , search engine ranking, SEO tips & tricksIn our previous posts we discussed some most important articles for How to start a blog? and also we discussed about the Best wordpress blogging tips. Here we will make you focus on the another most important part of  blog i.e Backlinks. So lets discuss about the role of backlinks and SEO tips & tricks for your blog to rank on Google.

What is Backlink?

In this article, we will be discussing about role of backlinks & improving search engine rankings & role of backlinks in improving search engine rankings. The main problem with most of the bloggers is that they misunderstood the idea of backlinks and SEO. Beginners usually don’t know how the backlinks can be used to improve their search engine ranking. To bring your site at the top pages of Google, search engine ranking plays a very important role. Before discussing about the role of backlinks in improving the search engine ranking, we will briefly tell you about what a backlink is.

How to start a blog?

Best Blogging WordPress tips & tricks

Backlink is the incoming link on the website/blog that connects the website/blog with other websites on internet. With backlinks, number of things can be achieved at a time. Along with improving the search engine rank, it also brings traffic to your blog from other websites. This happens because of the crawling techniques of the Google and other search engines.

Role of Backlinks in Blogging

Lots of bloggers often discuss about the role of backlinks in improving search ranking. So there must be something important about the backlinks & their role in blogging. There are a number of benefits of creating quality backlinks. No doubt, the search engine rankings can be improves using backlinks. But the only condition is that they should be quality backlinks.

The number one search, Google, works on the principle of spider crawling. Depending upon various factors, it crawls all the websites available on the internet. One of these factors is backlinks or better if we say quality backlinks. The backlinks having  the same niche as your blog are more useful than the backlinks of the blogs with different niches. Though Google has changed the algorithms a lots of times in past, but backlinks have always been the significant part of the algorithm. Thus quality backlinks play a very important role.

Learn How to increase backlinks on your blog?

Role of Backlinks in improving search engine ranking

As we have already mentioned about the spider crawling technique, so it is quite clear that backlinks plays a very significant role in improving the search engine ranking of the blog. The presence of your blogs or website on other websites or blogs tells that your blog has a good presence on internet. Also, with this the crawling of your blog becomes easy. Google bots firstly checks the presence of keywords and then checks how many times that particular keyword is present in the blog. If the keyword density is more on your blog, then there is very large probability that the link of your blog will be displayed in first few pages of Google.


Although there are almost 200 factors, that are responsible for search engine rankings. Backlinks are one of those factors. Backlinks tells the presence of your blog on internet. The role pf backlinks in improving the search engine ranking is very significant. So never underestimate the power of backlinks, as they can change the complete scenario of your blog’s  search engine ranking.

So this was all about role of backlinks in blogging. We hope now that the role of backlinks in improving the search engine ranking is clear to you. Get good quality backlinks and bring traffic to your blog and improve your blog’s search engine ranking.

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