How to increase backlinks of blog? SEO tip to increase SEO ranking

SEO tips to increase backlinks of blog

Backlinks, SEO, search engine , search engine ranking, SEO tips & tricksIn our previous article, we discussed about role of backlinks in blogging & role of backlinks in improving search engine ranking.

Today in this article we will tell you about the best tips to increase backlinks and best tips to increase the blog traffic and best tips to increase search engine rankings. All these things are directly related to each other. And all these are indirectly linked with the backlinks. So you can clearly imagine how much importance backlinks have in blogging. The only need is to use these backlinks smartly and effectively. For this, it is important to create quality backlinks to increase the reputation of your blog. So just be very careful while selecting backlinks for your blog.

Useful and unique content:

This is the thing that we have talked about many times. The quality of content of your blog is the most important thing. If readers found your blog useful and interesting, they will link their blogs and pages to your blog. It will automatically create a backlink to your blog. So blog content is the key factor for the success of your blog. You can compromise with other things in blogging but the content quality should never be neglected. So to increase the reputation of your blog, write quality content. It will bring traffic and backlinks to your blog followed by improvement in search engine ranking.

Guest blogging

This is one of the most effective ways of creating quality backlinks. It also increases the reputation of the blog. Usually, guest posts are written on the blogs that have same niche as your blog. The link that you provide in guest blog content will redirect the users from that blog to your blog. Along with creating backlinks, it will help in traffic from that blog to your blog. So write guest posts as much  possible. Sometimes, your guest posts may not get approval. But don’t get demoralized or frustrated. Just keep on trying & improving the content quality of your blog. This is a very common tip to increase blog traffic.

Social bookmarking sites

Many social bookmarking sites are there on internet that accepts the links of your posts.You can easily share your posts on these social bookmarking websites. These add visitors and backlinks to your blog. It is the easiest and time efficient way to create backlinks. There are a number of plugins available to share the posts on the social bookmarking sites. The backlinks of some sites like, and stumble upon are very helpful in generating traffic as well as improving search engine rank of the blog.

Submit to blog directories

This is also an effective way of creating backlinks on your blog. There are many popular directories on web that provides the facility to submit the blog. This will help in improving the reputation and getting traffic to your blog. Also you can categorize your blog in that directory.It will make it easy for users to find the blog easily according to your niche.

Commenting on other blogs

You can get backlinks by commenting on other blogs.But comment on the blogs have high page rank. Backlinks from low page ranks will bring the reputation of your blog down. Always write genuine contents to make sure that your comment gets approved. Always comment like a blogger not a spammer.

So, this was all about the best tips to increase search engine rankingsbest tips to increase blog traffic & best tips to increase backlinks.

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