Best WordPress Blogging tips to rank on first page of Google

Best WordPress Blogging Tips

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WordPress Blogging tips: In this article we will be discussing about best WordPress tips alongwith the best WordPress tips to rank on Google. We will also discuss about best WordPress tips to rank on first page of Google. These top WordPress tips are especially provided by our experts for the people who want to become a successful professional blogger and are dreaming of bringing their articles on the first page of Google.
Written below are some of the best WordPress tips, best WordPress tricks  that will help you to optimize the content on your blog and make it easy for searches. As we all know the competition in the field of blogging is increasing. New bloggers are coming with each new day.  So it is very important to do something unique with your blog  by using these top WordPress tips.

These SEO tips are very helpful in improving search engine rankings of your blog posts. It will definitely increase the visibility of your posts in various search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. So with the below blogging tips you can know How to start a Blog?

Using Image Alt Tags and image sitemap

Images are one of the most useful sources to drive search engine traffic to your blog. When your images are indexed on Google, number of visitor coming on your blog increases. You can do this by manually adding Alt Tag to the images included in your blogs. Addition of Alt tags can also be done with the help of SEO friendly images plugin. If there are lots of images on your site and you want to index all of them then you can submit sitemap of your images on the Google Webmaster. This improve rankings of your blog and will bring lots of visitors on your blog. So using Image Alt Tag and Image Sitemap is the best practice among WordPress Blogging Tips.

How to control indexing of your blog posts?

The quality of content of your articles decides the search engine visibility of your posts. Unique and high quality content posts will be automatically indexed. Search engine’s main focus is on the links of the posts. The useless links like categories, tags have very low significance from search engine optimization point of view. indexing of such links can be controlled by WordPress SEO by Yoast by non-indexing tags, pages and categories. But make sure to submit high quality post for indexing otherwise your domain name will be penalized by Google Panda and search engine visibility of your blog will suffer drastically.

WordPress Permalink

Permalink is the  URL or address of your blog post which is used to locate your post link on the internet and is the major WordPress blogging tip. It is generated automatically on WordPress. But the actual problem arises when we deal with SEO of the post.The permalink that WordPress generates is not SEO friendly. It can be done by changing the SEO settings.

WordPress Sitemap

This is the most important thing that helps in the indexing of your blog posts, categories,tags, pages, content on the search engine. It covers all the important ans useful links of your blog. This sitemap is a XML file. It helps in indexing of the links on the search engine. It helps search engine bots to find out the blog links rapidly. Google XML sitemap is the the best plugin for the sitemap and is the best way to rank on the first page of Google .You don’t have to learn XML coding orr need to do any extra work for this plugin. What you need to do is just install the plug in and activate it. After this, generate XML sitemap for your site. Then submit your blog posts to Bing and Google webmasters to make sure that your blog is indexed and crawled properly.

This was all about  best WordPress tips and best WordPress tricks to rank on first page. We hope you have learned a lot from  best WordPress tips to rank on first page of Google, best WordPress tips to rank on Google.

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