www.fifa.com FIFA World Cup 2014 Mexico vs Cameroon live scorecard

Mexico vs Cameroon live scorecard

FIFA World Cup 2014, Mexico vs Cameroon, Mexico vs Cameroon live scorecard, Mexico vs Cameroon match details, Mexico team squad 2014, Cameroon team squad 2014FIFA World Cup 2014 Mexico vs Cameroon: FIFA World Cup 2014 is one the most awaited events. People all around the world are crazy for this game. Millions and billions of FIFA fans visit stadiums to see the game and support their favorite team. Tickets are already available for purchase. This year Brazil will host FIFA World Cup.

FIFA world cup 2014 is scheduled to start on 12th June. It will have its opening match between the host Brazil and Croatia. FIFA world cup will have its second match on 13th June between FIFA 2014  Mexico vs Cameroon.

Mexico football national team is at ninth position according to FIFA world Rankings. Till now it has qualified for fourteen world cups. It is among one of the six teams to do so. Mexico along with Brazil and Germany is the only team to qualify for last five FIFA world cups. Mexico played its first match on 13th July 1930 against France. It is the most successful team in CONCACAF region. Mexico is the only team in this region to win FIFA title. Till now Mexico ha won lots of trophies and championships.

Cameroon is also a very strong team. It has qualified for FIFA world cup nine times till now. It is the only African tem to do so. But unfortunately, this team has made through group stage just once. Cameroon is the first African team to reach World Cup quarter final in 1990 but it lost it to England in extra time. This team has also won Africa up of Nations title four times.

Both the teams are equally strong. They both are capable of giving a tough competition to each other. It will b really interesting to see which of the two will outshine. To get all the details regarding the FIFA World Cup 2014 Mexico vs Cameroon scorecard, stay tuned with us.

We will keep you updated with Mexico vs Cameroon match details.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Mexico vs Cameroon

Mexico vs Cameroon live scorecard will be updated soon….

FIFA world Cup 2014 Mexico vs Cameroon on 13th June 2014..


Mexico Team Squad

Here we will discuss Cameroon team squad 2014.

Team Coach: M. Herrera


  1. J. Corona
  2. G. Ochoa
  3. A. Talavera
  4. M. Muñóz


  1. R. Márquez
  2. H. Moreno
  3. C. Salcido
  4. P. Aguilar
  5. Maza Rodríguez
  6. J. Valenzuela
  7. M. Ponce
  8. D. Reyes
  9. M. Layún
  10. M. Herrera


  1. A. Guardado
  2. H. Herrera
  3. C. Peña
  4. L. Montes
  5. J. Escoboza
  6. J. Medina
  7. J. Vázquez


  1. C. Blanco
  2. A. De Nigris
  3. G. Dos Santos
  4. J. Hernández
  5. M. Fabian
  6. J. Aquino
  7. O. Peralta
  8. A. Pulido
  9. R. Jiménez
  10. I. Brizuela

Cameroon Team squad

Let us now discuss Mexico team squad 2014.

Team Coach: V.Finke


  1. G. Ndy Assembé
  2. C. Itandje
  3. L. Feudjou
  4. S. Ndjock


  1. H. Bedimo
  2. A. Chedjou
  3. N. N Koulou
  4. A. Song
  5. B. Assou-Ekotto
  6. D. Nounkeu
  7. G. Bong
  8. J. Kana-Biyik
  9. A. Nyom
  10. F. Bagnack
  11. C. Djeugoue


  1. E. Enoh
  2. S. Mbia
  3. J. Makoun
  4. J. Matip
  5. L. N’Guémo
  6. R. Loe
  7. G. Zock Abep


  1. S. Eto’o
  2. M. Idrissou
  3. Webó
  4. V. Aboubakar
  5. M. Choupo-Moting
  6. B. Moukandjo Bilé
  7. E. Salli
  8. F. Olinga

So this was all about FIFA 2014 World Cup starting with first match between Mexico vs CameroonAs soon as this match will start we will discuss Mexico vs Cameroon live scorecard. Above we had discussed all Mexico vs Cameroon match details alongwith the letest update regarding the Mexico team squad & Cameroon team squad 2014.

Tighten your belts and get ready for amazing FIFA ride…!!

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