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domain registration, domain avaibility, web hosting, is one of the topmost company for providing many internet facilities like web hosting, cheking domain avaibility, register a domain and many others. GoDaddy is providing these facilities since 1997. is a private company which provide domain registration and web hosting. GoDaddy was founded by Bob Parson in 1997 and is having its headquarter in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. Almost 4000 employees are working in this company, this company has a domain name as GoDaddy holds about 50 million domain names on its server and also controls a daily traffic. So  here we will discuss about the the domain registration, domain avaibility, web hosting, and its working.

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First of all let us discuss What is Domain?

When we are interested in making a blog or a website or any discussion form then we needs to have a domain name which depicts the name of the particula blog, website or a form discussion For e.g. Here tarzan18 is the domain name and .com is the extension of the domain. not only the domain alone can work but there should be some medium from which the domain name should run and that is server. Server provides the IP adress and webspase for our particular website.

Similarly / GoDaddy provides the domain name and the web hosting to the customer. Domain name and hosting are purchsed on the basis of time period.

How does works?

Firstly, a customer has to visit the website. Here he will be asked to sign up or cretae an account, and login in his account he can do domain registeration for his domain name. For a new domain registration first check out the domain avaibility that whether the domain name is available or not. If not then try to check out other or if available then you can register for the domin name by paying the cost price of that particular domain. After domain registration the job is not over, now the user has to apply for web hosting for which he has to pay for the time period he wants to have the web hosting.

There are many extensions of the domain among which the most costly is .com extension, others such as .ca, .in, .net, .uk are having low cost as compared to .com extension.

Note- Always check the domain availibility at or any other websites such as where you can know that either the domain is available or not. If not then you can figure out that who has the ownership of that domain, because in case you need to buy that domain in high cost then you can make the deal with the owner. In case if the domain you need is available then you can register as soon as possible.

So if you have any query or difficulties related to, register a domain, web hosting, domain avaibility, how to register a domain on go daddy, how to get web hosting by Go Daddy, Go Daddy then you can write to us in the comment box below.

Also in case you have some updates regarding registering the domain, web space hosting then you can contact us.

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