Chooses a better paying and satisfying career as a medical assistant

Chooses a better paying and satisfying career as a medical assistant 

Chooses a better paying and satisfying career as a medical assistant

A career in the medical field is the most rewarding profession both in terms of money and satisfaction. It not only helps you in getting better pays, but it also gives you immense pleasure of helping patients and making their life better and healthier. In order to make a career in medical profession, it is not necessary that you have to become a doctor or surgeon. There are many other fields in the medical profession that you could choose to serve the patients and get paid well at the same time.

Medical assistant is one of the most popular and in demand option, if you want to make a career in the medical field. A medical assistant is a trained professional whose job is to do all the clinical chores and the administrative tasks to assist the doctor, and the other medical professionals. A medical assistant is the person who acts like a bridge between the doctor, patients, and the other departments of healthcare such as pathology labs.

The administrative tasks that are to be performed by a medical assistant are answering the phone calls, bookkeeping, filling out all the form related insurance and other formalities, validating the insurance of the patients by calling the company, arranging the medications from the pharmacy, medical billing, and the other administrative issues.

The clinical duties of the medical assistant include checking the medical history of the patients, taking various measurements such as blood pressure, pulse rate, sugar level, blood count, and so forth. It is the duty of the medical assistant to collect the specimens of the patient and take them to the pathology labs, and, then, take the results to the doctor. A medical assistant prepares the medications and injections to be given to the patient.

Although it does not need to hold a professional degree to become a medical assistant and many states can allow you to be medical assistant after you have passed your high school, yet if you want a better paying job, then it is mandatory that you attend a proper medical assistant training course. Due to fierce competition, most of the healthcare firms prefer the candidates with a professional degree or diploma for this job.

There are many schools and colleges that offer you a variety of courses in medical assistant training. These courses range from six months diploma to two year full time program. You can choose from a wide array of subjects that are offered by the institutes such as hematology, surgical asepsis, anatomy and physiology, computer medical applications for laboratories, and many others. Once you have completed the course, the last step would be to get certified. Although it is not necessary to get certified, yet most of the healthcare firms give preference to the certified professionals so it would be better for you to get certified.

For certification, you have to take a certification exam from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). Once you have passed that exam, you are a certified medical assistant and ready to serve people with a better paying career ahead.

So here we discussed all about Chooses a better paying and satisfying career as a medical assistant, medical assistant and if you have any other updates then you can share with us.

Author’s Bio: The author is a medical professional and an education writer. He is writing for and is helping people in finding their way towards a career in the medical field.

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