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What is,, How Amazon works

What is – is a large company which provides the facility of buying and selling the products online. Amazon provides many benefits to the seller and the customer. initially started with the collection of books and slowly started to growing up with a large collection of many other products such as Smartphone, songs DVDs, cosmetic products and much more.

Amazon provides the facility of being an affiliate (affiliate marketing) in which a daily internet user can create his/her account and can earn a daily revenue on the basis of orders of sale is made through his website. An affiliate earns 10 percent of the revenue of the total cost of the products he sells through his website. is very much famous in selling various products starting from books, cosmetics, movies, mobiles and tablets, clothes etc. sold its very first book in 1995. Although sold many more books but its first book shipped from Jeff Bezos’ garage in Seattle. works the same as other online retailers work but it only differs in its variety of products. Everything is available on like beauty products, books, clothes, footwear, electronic accessories, CD’s, Handbags, Jeweler, Home & Kitchen and many more than these.

When you open its homepage offers you a lot of options, many special offers are also available. But if you are visiting more than one time, it directs you personally and knows you by your name. If anybody posts Amazon link he/she earn a commission on clicking up sales. The new features for are created by four units. As it had four  software development centers all across the world.

Here below we are discussing about,, How Amazon works and much more about it.

Why you should prefer /

  • provides an easy and user friendly way to earn a profit for the affiliates.
  • Being an Amazon affiliate it generate much profit as compared to others.

How Works?

  • Firstly, its necessary to be an affiliate in or Amazon. in depends on the location.
  • Amazon will ask for your website details.
  • Provide a unique ID to Amazon and it will generate a Tracking ID having yourID-locationcodeeg: India-21, USA-20
  • Now its on affiliate that which product ads he wants to put on his website. If for example he wants a Smartphone ads to be placed on his site then he has to copy the URL of that product and then append his tracking ID next to the URL so as to tell Amazon that from which site the customer is referred.
  • Now if the sale is confirmed then a total of 10 percent from the cost of product is credited in the affiliate’s account (currency wise).
  • Like this when the account reaches the threshold amount, the affiliate can transfer money to his account.

So here we discussed all about, How works, Why to prefer Amazon, affiliate mareting, earn money online, an Affiliate, earn money online affiliate marketing and much more.

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