Compare Google Nexus 5 vs Motorola Moto X Smartphone

untitledSince its launch, Google Nexus 5 has been a very popular smartphone. Now the another Google owned company Motorola has launched its next smartphone Moto X. Let’s see how this mid-range smartphone differs from Nexus 5.

In this article we have mentioned about Google Nexus 5 vs Motorola Moto X, Google Nexus 5, Motorola Moto X Smartphone,  Google Nexus 5 specifications, Google Nexus 5 Price in India, Moto X Review.


Google Nexus5 vs  Motorola Moto X


The Motorola Moto X launched today in India with a price tag of Rs 23999. It is a bit expensive than Google Nexus 5 which costs  £299.

Is this extra amount  of Moto X worth paying over Nexus 5?? Will Motorola Moto X be able to stay in market for longer period?? Will it be able to beat Google Nexus 5?? Let’s find this out in the blog below.

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The screen size of Nexus 5 is bigger and has higher resolution than that of the Moto X. It is featured with  4.9 inches display screen with 1080×1920 pixels screen resolution..

The display screen size of Moto X is a bit smaller than  that of Google Nexus 5. It has 4.7 inches display screen with 720pixels resolution and 312ppi (pixels per inch) pixel density as compared to 445ppi in Nexus 5.


Google Nexus 5 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 a 2.3 GHz quad core processor, like most of the expensive flagship smartphones. The device  has got 2 GB RAM.

On the other hand, Motorola Moto X is powered by  Qualcomm Snapdragon (1.7 GHz) S4 Pro processor(dual-core). This device has also got 2 GB RAM.


None of these smartphones have microSD card slot to expand its storage memory using external memory card.

Both the devices, Google Nexus 5 and Motorola Moto X are available with 32 and 16 GB internal memory storage options.


Both the smartphones differs slightly in this area.. Google Nexus 5 runs on vanilla version of Android KitKat.

On the other hand, Motorola Moto X has Android Jelly bean which is upgradable to Android KitKat.


Motorola Moto X has primary/ rear camera of 10 mega pixels. This outpaces 8 megapixel camera of Google Nexus 5. Both the smartphones can shoot up to 1080p video. Both of them offers HDR modes.

Front/ secondary cameras of both the smartphones can shoot HD videos. Motorola Moto X has 2 megapixel secondary camera while Nexus 5 has 1.3 mega pixels camera.


Both the devices are featured with almost same connectivity options.

Both the smartphones Moto X and Nexus 5 offer Bluetooth, GPS, 4G mobile network support, dual band Wi-Fi & NFC

Google Nexus 5 is provided with wireless charging option. Motorola Moto X does not have this feature. This is one of the major differences between both the smartphones in case of connectivity.

So, this is all about Google Nexus 5 vs Motorola Moto X. If you have any additional information regarding Google Nexus 5, Motorola Moto X Smartphone,  Google Nexus 5 specifications, Google Nexus 5 Price in India, Moto X Review, feel free to write in the comment box provided below. You can also mail us your suggestions and queries on the official email id of this website.



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