Apple iPhone 5S Vs Apple iPhone 5C Smartphone comparison 2014

Apple iPhone 5S vs Apple iPhone 5C smartphone

Apple iPhone 5s & 5C, iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C specifiction

Apple iPhone smartphone: Apple is looking to do something different in 2014. Apple company is preparing to produce latest technology smartphones in 2014. Two of Apple Smartphones: Apple iPhone 5S & Apple iPhone 5C are the leading smartphones worldwide. Knowing about the real difference between Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C is bit difficult and tricky. Here we will provide you with the exact difference between Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C smartphones specifications, release date & price in India below in current post.

Here in this blog you can also compare between other smartphones.

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Let us discuss about the Apple iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C comparison below.

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C comparison


Processor is one of the attentive part of any smartphone. This tells that how much a particular smartphone can handle the big apps and how fast a particular smartphone can work. Apple iPhone 5S consists of Apple A7 processor whereas Apple iPhone 5C handles 1 GHz Apple A6 processor. Surely, Apple iPhone 5S has faster operating speed as compared to Apple iPhone 5C smartphone.

Fingerprint Scanner Security:

Security is one of the feature, being more better, attract more peoples towards that gadget. Apple Company has used many latest technology in their recent and upcoming smartphones. One of the latest technology feature for security is fingerprint scanner. Finger print scanner is only available in latest Apple iPhone 5S smartphone and not in Apple iPhone 5C. Fingerprint scanner is very advantageous for security of any smartphone. It allows smartphone to get unlocked only with your identical  fingerprint followed by password. So, your iPhone 5S will be secure.

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Color attract customers as they make the mood. If you want brightest color smartphone than you have Apple iPhone 5C smartphone as this comes in many brightest colors:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Green

While Apple iPhone 5S haven’t come in too much brightest color:

  • Gray
  • Slate
  • Gold

Hence iPhone 5C has greatest color selection as well as brightest colors.


Looking on to the camera features Apple iPhone 5S has great camera features as compared to Apple iPhone 5C smartphone. Most of the camera features of both iPhone are same like they both has 8 megapixel still images and show the HD videos of 1080 pixel. The difference is that iPhone 5S has dual-flash and has the ability to capture the images in slow motion at 120 frame per second with 720 HD video. iPhone 5S camera is equipped with burst mode in which its camera can capture 10 images per second.

Storage Capacity:

Storage capacity of Apple iPhone 5S is same as the newest model of iPhone 5: 64 GB while Apple iPhone 5C has the storage capacity of 16 GB to 32 GB which is similar to iPhone 5 previous model.

Price in USA:

Apple iPhone 5C is a low cost smartphone, its 16 GB model costs $99 and $199 for 32 GB model.

Apple iPhone 5S smartphone 16 GB model costs $199, 32 GB model costs $299 & 64 GB model costs $399.


iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C

  •  Height – 4.87 inches
  •  Width – 2.31 inches
  •  Height – 4.90 inches
  •  Width – 2.33 inches
 Weight   112 grams   132 grams
 Display   4 inches 1136*640 pixels   4 inches 1136*640 pixels
 Battery Life   10 hours on 3G   10 hours on 3G
 Release date   20 September, 2013   20 September, 2013

So here you must have got the maximum detail of comparison of Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C smartphone.

If you have any extra comparison about Apple iPhone 5s & 5C, iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C specification or any latest technology Apple products then you can share with us in comment box.



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