Apple iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S Specification, release date & price in India

Apple iPhone 5C and Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5C smartphone, Apple iPhone 5S smartphone, iPhone 5S specification

Apple iPhone 5S, Apple iPhone 5C: Apple company, a leading company in the production of smartphones has been pleasing their fans by producing slim and compatible smartphone for their users. . Here below in this post we will discuss full detail of Apple iPhone 5C smartphone, Apple iPhone 5S smartphone, iPhone 5S specification, Apple iPhone 5S price in India, Apple products, Apple iPhone 5C specification, Apple iPhone 5C price in India.

A much awaited upgrade in Apple iPhone 5 and a new smartphone Apple iPhone 5C  has been set to launch in market in California at 10:30 pm IST . According to the rumors Apple iPhone 5C is said to be the cheaper iPhone, competing Samsung smartphone and other smartphone in building a huge market among the peoples.

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Apple iPhone 5S Specification

This Apple iPhone 5C smartphone Apple iPhone is said to retain the same design as it used in their “S” branded series with some personalized modification in internal features. Some interesting features of Apple iPhone 5S smartphone like new colors, fingerprint scanner, camera, IOS 7 etc are been modified and upgraded which make Apple iPhone 5S smartphone more compatible to the users.

Apple iPhone 5S smartphone in New Colours

Pashionating and soft colors impress the people very much and attract the people toward it . Apple iPhone 5S smartphone is supposed to have two different stylish color -> Apple iPhone 5C smartphone in Champagne Gold, Apple iPhone 5C smartphone in Lighter Gray colors.

Apple iPhone 5C

Finger Print scanner

A scanner named Called Touch ID , a feature yet to launch flagship device.

This scanner will be located on the home button of Apple iPhone 5S smartphone which have  a convex sapphire glass , a beneficial layer providing scratch resistant layer.

Apple iPhone 5S


With much modifications Camera is the most priority among the peoples , it is supposed to be , increase in the pixel of camera of Apple iPhone 5S smartphone which can go above 13 MegaPixels. It is also said that Apple iPhone 5C smartphone will have the dual LED flash integrated .

iphone 5s specification

Apple iPhone iOS 7

Now coming to the essential feature of Apple iPhone 5S smartphone , the operating system iOS 7 . This is a high performance operating system which gives multitasking , also ability to shoot videos at 60 fps (frame per second).

iphone 5c & Apple iPhone 5S smartphone, price in India

Apple iPhone Better Battery

With better operating system i.e iOS 7 , which provide multitasking features need much charge so it could have large battery on Apple iPhone 5S smartphone.

Improved Internals

A high performanced CPU (A7) and also a better GPU is supposed to modify this Apple iPhone 5S smartphone.The display size and resolution of Apple iPhone 5S smartphone could be the same . But it is said that iPhone 5S will likely to have Sharp’s IGZO display technology on the future coming devices but not this one.

Apple iPhone 5S price in India

As the Indian rupee is not doing as well as the dollar so Apple iPhone 5S price in India is supposed to be priced at Rs 50,000 only.

Apple iPhone 5C Specification

This Apple iPhone 5C smartphone is likely to be mid range device having soft plastic back cover of different colors.

Apple iPhone 5C smartphone price in India

Now coming to the hardware, it will have the same as in Apple iPhone 5 smartphone. With all capabilities and features, also Apple iPhone 5C smartphone will have cheaper different outer body.

Apple iPhone 5C price in India

Apple iPhone 5C smartphone price in India is supposed to priced at Rs. 30,000.

So, here you must have got the Apple iPhone 5C smartphone, Apple iPhone 5S smartphone, Apple iPhone 5C specification, Apple iPhone 5C price in India, Apple products with latest technology in this article.



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