2014 Nokia upcoming Smartphones, Nokia Android Smartphones

Upcoming Nokia Smartphones 2014

upcoming Nokia Smartphones, Nokia Android Smartphone, Nokia Windows Smartphones

Upcoming Nokia Android & Windows Smartphones: At present, the market is dominated by Android smartphones. Nokia launched so many android smartphone, window phones last year, but none of them spread its magic. Nokia’s window phones were unable to beat android smartphones. Now in this year, Nokia is working on the next generation of smartphones to get back into the fierce competition of smartphones in the market which is presently dominated by android phones. Get full detail about upcoming Nokia Smartphones 2014.

There have been so many rumors suggesting that Nokia has many new exciting Nokia Asha smartphones and Nokia Lumia smartphones for 2014.

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In this article, we have rounded up some of the highly anticipated handsets of Nokia. Here we will present the upcoming Nokia Smartphones, Nokia Normandy smartphone, Nokia Lumia 1820, Nokia Moneypenny, Nokia Goldfinger, Nokia Lumia 929, Nokia Android Smartphone, Nokia Window Smartphone in the below post. Let’s have a look on them.

Nokia Normandy Smartphone

To compete the android market, Nokia is planning to launch an Nokia Android smartphone this year. This will be the first Android smartphone by the Nokia company. The detail of its hardware and other specifications and not known yet.

Few days back, there were some leaked images of Nokia Normandy Smartphone on Twitter. These images suggested that it will be a dual SIM smartphone and it will feature a single capacitive button.

Even though there have been a lot of rumors and reports about Nokia Normandy Android Smartphone, including some leaked pictures, it is not yet confirmed whether Nokia will actually launch an Android smartphone considering Microsoft acquisition of Nokia’s mobile division.

Nokia Lumia 1820 Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 1820 smartphone will be the next camera centric Windows smartphone of Lumia series. This smartphone is expected to be the first Windows smartphone to run on Window 8.1 platform. This window smartphone will have a metal uni body. Along with very high resolution, this smartphone will have Lytro style camera on the back side. With this, users will be able to change the focus even after taking the photograph.

Nokia Moneypenny Smartphone

Nokia wimdow smartphone, nokia moneypenny

Nokia Moneypenny

Nokia Moneypenny Smartphone is another window phone that is rumored to be released this year 2014. Nokia Moneypenny is also expected to run on Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone Blue platform. Latest rumors suggest that Nokia Moneypenny smartphone will support dual sim service.

Nokia Lumia 929 Windows Smartphone

As per the rumors, Nokia Lumia 929 smartphone will have a 5- inch full HD display with quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB RAM. This window smartphone will have 32 GB internal storage memory which can be expanded using micro sd card. Nokia Lumia 929 windows smartphone will come up with Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update.

Nokia GoldFinger Smartphone

There are rumors that Nokia GolFinger Smartphone will include a very innovative technology. Nokia GolFinger Smartphone will have “3D touch”. This technology will use hardware sensors to detect off the glass interactions. With this users will be able to  interact with their smartphones by hand gestures only, without touching the screen.

So here we complete the details of upcoming Nokia Smartphones, Nokia Android Smartphone, Nokia Windows Smartphones, Nokia Normandy Smartphone, Nokia Lumia 1820, Nokia Lumia 929, Nokia Moneypenny Smartphone, Nokia Goldfinger Smartphone in our above post.

For more further updates related to Nokia READ . You can also visit official website of Nokia here.



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