2014 New Upcoming Apple products with latest technology

New upcoming Apple products 2014

latest technology, Apple products, iPhone 6 Smartphone, iWatch, iPad Pro & more latest technology Apple Products

Latest Technology Apple Products: In year 2013, Apple company released many new exciting Apple products like extra thinner and lighter iPad Pro, radically designed iPad Air, iPhone 5Swith fingerprint recognition technology. All these Apple products were get very famous in the market. Keeping this in mind Apple Company is going to produce latest technology Apple products in this new year 2014.

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In 2014, Apple company is expected to come up with even more innovative and excellent latest technology Apple products. Apple is going to produce new iPhone 6 smartphone this year 2014. The current rumors about Apple are hinting that Apple will soon release highly anticipated Apple products like a larger iPad, a larger iPhone, the Apple Smart Watch and also the  Apple TV with all new advancements.

The CEO of Apple company,Tim Cook said that Apple has great plans for this year. The company is planning to enter in areas where it has not participated yet. In an email, Cook said that there is a lot in Apple store for 2014, including some awesome plans that customers will definitely love. Also for new year 2014 Apple is going to produce some latest technology Apple products.

In this blog, we have mentioned Apple’s prospective 2014 product plans based on the current rumors. This article highlights the things that customers might expect from Apple in upcoming 12 months. Let us discuss about Apple products with latest technology, iPhone 6, iPad Pro, iWatch, Apple Television and more.

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iPhone 6

Apple will soon release its next iPhone smartphone. Apple’s product iPhone 6 smartphone is expected to come up with larger screen size. There are some rumors which suggest that Apple might release the Apple iPhone 6 smartphone in two different sizes. Both the Apple iPhone 6 smartphone will be larger than the display of current iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. Looking at the new trend of curved displays, Apple might also go for curved display in iPhone 6 smartphone.

Apple iPhone 6 most likely will have a faster 20-nano meter A8 chip. This iPhone 6, most probably, will release earlier this year.

Read full specifications of Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone here

iPad Pro

Apple’s current tablet line-up includes iPad Air (9.7-inch) and iPad Mini (7.9 inch). Along with a larger iPhone, Apple might add up a larger display iPad to its current tablet lineup. This Apple product is “iPad Pro”  or “iPad Maxi” as called by media.

iPad Pro is rumored to have a larger display of 12.9 inches. This Apple product will have a very high pixel density. Like most of the present iPads, iPad Pro is also expected to have narrow side bezels and ultra thin chassis. Except the larger display, nothing is known about iPad Pro. In fact it is not even confirmed yet whether Apple will be launching any such Apple product or not.


In 2013, Apple’s iWatch was a major rumor focal point among the Apple products. Now it is most likely to be released this year. As per the rumors, this smart watch by Apple products will function as an accessory with iPads and iPhones. This Apple product smart watch is expected to include many latest technology bio-metric functions like heart rate monitor, pedometer along with many other things.

It is not yet clear what the Apple product’s first iWatch will look like. According to the rumors, iWatch will have an OLED display with 1.3 to 1.7 inches screen. This Apple Product may come up in different sizes for customized fit.

Apple iWatch may have a sapphire glass screen which will be ultra durable. It may have a flexible, curved design, as per the rumors suggest.

This latest technology Apple’s iWatch is expected to launch in second half of the year.

Apple Television

From a long time, Apple has been rumored to be making upgrades to its Apple TV. This upgrade Apple product may be in the form of either a full blown television set or a revamped set top box.

If a television related Apple product is released by Apple this  year, then it will likely to have a new set top box with new technology which will include all apple apps and siri  along with some additional content.

 Other Updates: MacBook, iOS 8, OS X and more

Over the course of 2014, like every year, Apple will offer MacBooks at the course of time. Recently, there was a rumor that a MacBook with retina display,12-inch screen and MacBook Air style might make its debut in mid of  2014.

From quite some time, Apple’s several products like iPodes and Mac Mini have not been refreshed. These products might see updates this year.

New versions OS X and iOS are also expected this year. iOS 8 may include a possible siri API, iOS in cars and improvements in maps.

This is the list of most expected latest technology Apple products by Apple this year. If you wanted more details about latest technology, Apple products, iPhone 6 Smartphone, iWatch, iPad Pro & more latest technology Apple Products visit us at http://www.tarzan18.com.

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