Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 Specifications, Release Date, Price in India

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 smartphone, Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 specifications, Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 price in India, Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 release dateSamsung Galaxy NOTE 4 Review: Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 is one of the most awaited smartphone of Samsung in 2014. According to rumors , Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4  release date is nearly decided in the year 2014. Samsung is ready to reveal Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4  in the market after Samsung Galaxy S5 . The Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 smartphone going to blast in the market of 2014, as other smartphone brands like Sony, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia etc are not in the taking interest of making phablets. Here you will get detail about Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 smartphone, Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 review, Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 release date, Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 price in India below in this article.

After the success of Micromax Canvas Phablets, Samsung thus decided to introduced their product as a phablet in the form of Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4. Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3 get pretty better response from the buyers. The next generation of Galaxy NOTE series , that is Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 Specifications  will estimated to empower a new target for the smartphone brands.

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Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 release date is not decided yet. But according to reviewers it is expected that Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 release date will be in the month of August 2014.

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4  Specifications

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 Specification: Every Samsung fan is waiting for next Samsung Galaxy NOTE ( Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 . And recent rumors shows, Samsung will use LCD display this time and it will cut the 20% cost for the Samsung and ofcourse, we end user will get the price cut too.  Samsung Galaxy Series always criticized because of plastic. But the recent rumors showed, Samsung will bring Metal body in Samsung Galaxy S5 and so other up coming Samsung Devices might follow the same standard and there are maximum chances, we will see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in Metal body or Alloy body.

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Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 Specification consist of powerful processor true Octa Core chipset and a massive performative powered by the architecture of 64 – bit. First was iPhone 5s to achieve the level of 64 – bit , and after that Samsung will meet this milestone in Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 smartphone. Now new technology related to flexible screens or OLED screens are in fashion. Apple is also focusing its upcoming smartphones with OLED display, so Samsung is competing with Apple brand to get much better flexible high definition screen introducing in Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 with 2 thousand resolution display panel. 

Android smartphone with latest operating system 4.41 KitKat version which will be timed at 2.2 Gigahertz will operate Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 smartphone specifications. Actually , designers decided to make Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 smartphone a phablet size. Large display screen of 5.3 inches is expected as per phablet size that means smartphone as well as smart tablet combined to form phablet. Such HD large displays are very much liked by young generations. They can enjoy 3D gaming and classic animation facility. Also Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 will provide high focusing camera from which we can click photos and videos and also share with our friends. Not said about the new sensors , but sensors that exist in NOTE 3 will be inherited as well in Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 Specifications that are Accelerometer, gyro, proximity sensor , compass sensor, barometer sensor, temperature sensor , humidity sensors and gesture sensors. Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 will be supported by at maximum of 128 GB internal memory.

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 Price in India

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 price in India is not surely decided yet. Note 3 Price at present is nearly equal to 730 Dollars. But expected Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 price is 750 Dollars , so having better features like Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3 and at lower price increase. Samsung  not going to exceed Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 price above 800 dollars.

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 price in India – will be updated soon…

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 release date in India

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 release date in India – will be updated soon……

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