Blackberry Q30 specification, release date 2014, price in India

Blackberry Q30  Smartphone Review

Blackberry Q30 smartphone, Blackberry Q30 price in India, Blackberry Q30 specification, Blackberry Q30 release date in India

Blackberry Q30 Smartphone: Blackberry Q30 Smartphone is the upcoming Smartphone of the year 2014. As all of know,Blackberry has introduced a large range of mobile phones that has been launched in previous years. People liked all those mobile Smartphones as they fulfill users requirements. Previously launched mobile phones Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10 were very much liked by people due to their unique features. Here you will know about Blackberry Q30 smartphone, Blackberry Q30 review, Blackberry Q30 specification, Blackberry Q30 release date in India, Blackberry Q30 price in India in this blog.

Now to increase its sale, Blackberry has decided to release its new mobile range Blackberry Q30 with much advanced features so that it can compete with another smartphones in market.

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Lets have a look on the major specifications,price and release date of this newly designed Smartphone named Blackberry Q30.

Blackberry Q30 Specification

  • Blackberry Q30 Specifications: Blackberry would release this new phone Blackberry Q30 Smartphone with qwerty keyboard for those who likes physical keyboard in their phones.
  • Blackberry Q30 smartphone is provided with 3.5 inch super AMOLED HD touchscreen display. It will be exciting for new users.
  • Blackberry Q30 smartphone will be provided with quad processor and 3 GB RAM the resolution is very high for this new Smartphone.
  • Blackberry Q30 smartphone will have front camera of 2.1 mega pixel and rear camera with 13 mega pixel which is very high and this will surely impress the customers.
  • Blackberry Q30 smartphone supports WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4 . 

So you can see Blackberry company is providing you a variety of features in a single Smartphone Blackberry Q30 smartphone that too with a high brand value.

Blackberry Q30 price in India

Blackberry Q30 Price in India: Now u must be thinking of the price of this new phone Blackberry Q30 smartphone. This would not cost much as compare to its previous Smartphones and other smart phones available in the market as company wants to increase its sale and share prices. Therefore Blackberry Q30 smartphone will be in the range of people. So wait for this high class phone and soon Blackberry Q30 smartphone will be in your pocket and you will enjoy its fabulous features.

Blackberry Q30 price in India – will be updated soon…

You must be waiting to buy this fabulous smartphone, must be waiting for the Blackberry Q30 release date in India.

Blackberry Q30 release date in India

Blackberry Q30 Release date: As decided by new CEO John Chen, Blackberry Q30 will release in upcoming year after launch of mobile phones of Samsung and HTC. You do not have to wait much as Blackberry Q30 is going to release in 2014.

Blackberry Q30 release date in India – will be updated soon.. (2014)

On the whole,Blackberry Q30 is fantastic smartphone that will be launched by company in upcoming year 2014. It will be in your budget and suits your personality. Company is expecting to comeback in the market with this new series as said by their new CEO. The company is also planning to turn it into a software company.

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The Blackberry Q30 release date in India is still not decided. As soon as Blackberry Q30 will be released, it will get updated here.

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