Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014, Happy New Year 2014

A warm Welcome to this New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Top 5 upcoming gadgets of New Year 2014, New Year 2014 Gadgets, 2014 Gadgets, top 5 gadgets, smart Gadgets, Eco smart pen , iFusion, Wowee One Slim , Wireless Solar Keyboard, G Drive

Top 5 upcoming gadgets of New Year 2014: So here our team is bringing you with the Top 5 upcoming gadgets of New Year 2014. These are some technical Gadgets of the upcoming year 2014. Before discussing about these top 5 upcoming gadgets of 2014, we will like to wish all of you a Very Happy New Year 2014. Here we are providing you up with the details of Top 5 upcoming gadgets of New Year 2014, New Year 2014 Gadgets, 2014 Gadgets, top 5 gadgets in the post below.

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Top Upcoming Gadgets of 2014

Talking about the change in the field of technology and Gadgets are one where what happen tomorrow cannot be imagine. Market consists of thousands of top gadgets every year with new new features and when that top gadget introduces in the market, from that day buyers starting waiting for the release of Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014 versions. Technique is revolutionized in such a way that every gadget lover will await for Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014 that going to release next year. Lets see the Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014  :-

Eco Smart Pen

Eco Smart Pen is wonderful as well as magical pen & is among Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014. Smart pen suggested by name that it is user friendly. If you write anything using this pen then automatically it will be saved in its in built memory. Eco Smart pen is one of the Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014, ranked one. If you want to get the data you wrote once then you can play back and get repeated text as it is. Using micro USB, we can attach it with your personal computer or laptop , iPhone , iPad or other Mac and easily transfer data as much as you can. Smart Gadget , that is Eco Smart pen can be able to make continuous 8 hours of voice recording.With such, Unconventional features, one of the Top Upcoming Gadgets of 2014 , Eco smart pen costs 169 dollars only.

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iFusion is the communication docking station of Apple iPhone. iFusion is actually a smart station having compatible size. We know that there are too much accessories of apple in the market. So , there must exist some smart top upcoming gadgets in 2014, that connects all the Apple gadgets to a single location. iFusion make such job very obediently. iFusion contains built in bluetooth technology that is able to attach with any device. Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014, iFusion also contains top classic duplex speakers with enormous sound effects. It also costs same 169 dollars.

Wowee One Slim

Third smart gadget in the list of Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014 is Wowee One slim . Actually it is a compact portable speaker unit. Wowe One slim features includes its easy attachability with your iPod, iPad, MP3 ,MP4 , Mobile phone, and computer applications. Such a portable smart gadget also has internal battery that can be recharged from computer USB of 5 V. Its cost is not fixed yet , but soon it will be available in the market in 2 colors, Polar white and Sophisticate black , within the list of  Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014. Wowee One Slim specifications includes its Playback Duration Up to 10 hrs and
its Audio Input has 3.5 mm audio jack .

Wireless Solar KeyBoard

A LogiTech company product, Wireless Solar Keyboard is next to fourth ranking of Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014. In general, battery remain a big problem for wireless keyboards. Now a new smart gadget, is introduced in the market for its alternative named as Wireless Solar Keyboard. This Highly fast keyboard will be connected with wireless reciever of 2.4 Gigahertz. and its solar battery is even available for 3 months at the time of no electricity. That is biggest plus point of Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014 called Wireless Solar Keyboard. Its cost is about 80 dollars. Till date, wireless solar keyboard is taken as revolutionary new smart gadget.

G Drive

G Drive is perfect external storage device powered by G- Technology. It is listed in Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014 because G Drive is High Speed portable Hard Drive . We can easily attach it with Apple Macbook , and also we can store 320 GB of data at very very high speed. One of the major benefit of G Drive is that it is very slim smart gadget. G Drive can be operated with Plug N Play connectivity with windows Vista , windows 7 and windows 8 as well as MAC operating system 10.6 +. So, it is not necessary to carry power chord with you and that is why it is  Top 5 Upcoming Gadgets of 2014. Surprisingly it has storage capacities up to 1 TB. It is expected that G Drive market value is 100 dollars.

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