Lunar or Chinese New Year 2014, Free SMS, quotes & wishes

Chinese New Year 2014|Lunar New Year 2014

Happy Chinese New Year 2014, Happy Chinese New Year SMS, Happy Chinese New Year 2014 greetings, Happy Chinese New Year 2014 wishes, Happy Chinese New Year quotes, Happy Lunar Year 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 | Lunar New Year 2014Chinese New Year is a traditional Chinese Holiday. Chinese New Year is celebrated for the period of 15 days. Chinese New Year starts on first day of the New Year with New Moon and Chinese New Year or Lunar Year ends fifteen days later with the full moon. Here you will know about Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year SMS, Chinese New Year wishes, Chinese New Year greetings, Chinese New Year quotes in the post below.

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This period of fifteen days of Chinese New Year is known as Lantern Festival. Chinese New Year is known as Lantern Festival because this is celebrated at night with Lanterns. This is celebrated with lantern display, childrens carrying Lanterns in their hands at night in a parade.

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Chinese New Year celebrationsChinese New Year is celebrated with great joy and enjoyments. Chinese New Year 2014 is expected to be celebrated with a lot of joy as before. Chinese New Year 2014 with lion dances. Also on Chinese New Year 2014 people visit their relatives and friends house with gifts and also they give red envelopes. Wish your friends & relatives with Chinese New Year wishes. Peoples have their family meals and gathering with families. People also decorate with duilians. You can get Chinese New Year Greetings & Quotes for 2014 below in this post. Before reading Chinese New Year Greetings & Quotes for 2014 let us know when this Chinese traditional festival is coming this year 2014.

Chinese New Year dates & Chinese Zodiac Sign

 Year 2012  23 January, Monday Dragon
 Year 2013  10 February, Sunday Snake
 Year 2014  31 January, Friday Horse
 Year 2015  19 February, Thursday Goat

                                      Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year Quotes &Chinese New Year Greetings

  • I Greet you “Xing Nian Kuai Le, Gong Xi Fa Cai”. I wish I am the first one to greet you “Happy Lunar Year 2014” & “Happy Chinese New Year 2014” 🙂 .
  • Hu?nlè zh?ngguó 2014 nián (Happy Chinese New Year 2014), Wishing you a wealthy and healthy Chinese new year 2014.
  • ???? Gong Xi Fa Cai G?i n? .Today, when I was roaming outside 3 people come 2 me and ask about you & your address. I gave your contact and address to them. They will reach you soon. Those 3 persons were Mr. Luck, Mr. Happiness & Mr. Love (Lè kè xi?nsh?ng, xìngfú xi?nsh?ng y? ài xi?nsh?ng). 🙂 😀
  • X?nnián shì shíji?n 2. D?k?i x?n de shìy? hé shíxiàn x?n de mèngxi?ng, chóngx?n f?xiàn 2 de shílì y? xìnx?n zh?ng U, 2 hu? zài ji?nd?n de kuàilè he zhu?ngbèile 4 y?gè x?n de ti?ozhàn. Wishng ü zh?nzhèng fulfillng 2014 (Happy Chinese New Year 2014).
  • Róngyào gu? g?i shén zuìg?o de ti?ntáng, shuí gàosu nánrén t? de érzi su? cì de; su?rán ti?nsh? zài chàngg? zh?obi?o hu?nxiào,A h?n g?oxìng x?n de y? nián l? su?y?u dì dìqiú.

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