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HTC One 2 ( HTC M8 ) Smartphone Reviews

HTC One 2 (HTC M8), HTC One 2 (HTC M8) specifications, HTC One 2 (HTC M8) price in India, HTC One 2 (HTC M8) release date, HTC One 2 (HTC M8) review HTC One 2 Smartphone

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone: In 2013, just like Apple and Samsung, HTC focused all efforts on one flagship smartphone instead of flooding the market with devices. And the result came out to be really impressive. HTC came up with its best smartphone till now i.e. HTC One. HTC One Smartphone won so many awards and is potentially the best smartphone of the year.In this post we will tell you about the HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone specificationsHTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone, HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone price in India of HTC One 2 or HTC M8.

Now it seems that the HTC company is planning to do the same for the year 2014. HTC will launch its next HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone which is also going to be called the HTC One 2 Smartphone.

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Company has already confirmed that HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone will be released early next year. The main focus of the company is on decreasing the price and providing the best quality smartphone even at a low price. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone during the holiday deals, then you must wait for HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone.

Smartphone HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Specifications

1. Display

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) is expected to come up with 2k resolution  of 2048 × 1080 pixels. The screen size of HTC One 2 (HTC M8) will be 5 inches. Rather than switching to OLED, HTC will stick with its Super LCD Panel technology in its next smartphone.

2. Processor

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) smartphone will have Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor with 2 or 3 GB of RAM. It will have 32 as well as 64 GB of internal storage memory.

3. Operating System

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Operating System: If another update of Android is not launched till February 2014, then HTC One 2 (HTC M8) will come up with Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

4. Camera

With HTC One 2 (HTC M8), the company will come up with its new camera technology, “Ultrapixels”.

HTC One 2 Smartphone will have an improved 10 megapixel camera.

 5. Hardware

HTC M8 Smartphone will come up with an improved hardware. Reports suggests that HTC One 2 will have aluminum unibody.  This will the smartphone more lighter, strong and  durable. HTC is working on improving the reliability of its new device.

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) features

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) smartphone will have front facing speakers like that of HTC One Smartphone. The sound output of HTC One Smartphone was just amazing. No other smartphone can match HTC One in terms of sound output. Now, HTC One 2 (HTC M8) is expected to come up with even better sound system.

There is a rumor that HTC will add fingerprint sensor in its upcoming HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone in order to compete with iPhone 5S.

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) Smartphone will have superfast and reliable Wi-Fi capabilities.

HTC M8 price in India

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) price in India – will be updated soon….

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) release date

HTC One 2 (HTC M8) is expected to be released on the anniversary of HTC One Smartphone.

HTC One was released in February 2013. And now most probably HTC One 2/ HTC M8/ HTC Two will be released in February 2014 or in March 2014.

If you have any questions regarding HTC One 2 (HTC M8), HTC One 2 (HTC M8) specifications, HTC One 2 (HTC M8) price in India, HTC One 2 (HTC M8) release date, HTC One 2 (HTC M8) review HTC One 2 Smartphone than please write in comment box below.

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