Watch Shaadi Ke Side Effects 2014 movie online Full HD trailer

Shaadi Ke Side Effects 2014 movie

Watch Shadi Ke Side Effects 2014 movie Full HD trailer, Shadi Ke Side Effects 2014 upcoming Bollywood movie, Watch Shadi Ke Side Effects songsShaadi Ke Side Effects 2014 movie: Shaadi ke side effects 2014 is an upcoming Bollywood movie. Shaadi ke side effects is a romantic comedy , and this Bollywood movie is directed by Saket Chaudhary and the producers of the film are Rangita Pritish Nandy and   Pritish NandyShaadi Ke Side Effects 2014 upcoming Bollywood movie is starring  Farhan Akhtar and Vidhya Balan in its lead roles . This movie is the next sequence of the movie Pyar ke Side Effects (2006). Here you can Watch Shaadi Ke Side Effects 2014 movie Full HD trailer, Shaadi Ke Side Effects 2014 upcoming Bollywood movie, Shaadi Ke Side Effects songs in this post.

Watch Shaadi Ke Side Effects relese date in India

                                       Shaadi ke side effects release date in India – 14 February , 2014 .

The Shaadi Ke Side Effects trailer of the upcoming Bollywood movie was released on 28th of October, 2013. This upcoming Bollywood movie is stated currently under production. The Music of the Shaadi Ke Side Effects movie is casted by Pritam Chakaraborty.  Shaadi Ke Side Effects songs lyrics of the movie  were designed by Amitabh  Bhattacharya , Mayur  Puri and Swanand  Kirkire . Get Shaadi ke side effects 2014 songs here. And the background music of the upcoming Bollywood movie is composed by Mikey McClearly. The Sound is composed under T- Series company by Ayushh Ahuja .

Shaadi Ke Side Effects 2014 movie cast:

             Shaadi Ke Side Effects 2014 movie

 Star Cast
  • Vidhya balan as Trisha
  • Farhan Akhtar as Sid
  • Ram Kapoor
  • Vir Das
  • Rati Agnihotri
  • Raghav
  • Purab
  • Sahil shroff
  • lla Arun
  • hariharan
  • Gautami Kapoor
  •  Saket Chaudhary
  • Rangita Pritish Nandy
  • Pritish Nandy
  • Ekta Kapoor
 Music Director
  • Pritam Charoborty
 Music Company
  • T Series

Shaadi Ke Side Effects 2014 movie release date – 14th Febuarary, 2014

 Shaadi ke side effects is also produced under Balaji Motion Pictures  – Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor  . 

Shaadi Ke Side Effects review

Shaadi ke side effects movie review: The story of Shaadi ke side effects movie is all rotating  around the emotional , senseless trials of the couple – Sid and Trisha. Shaadi ke side effects 2014 is said to be the sequel of Pyaar ke side effects.

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Like the movie Pyaar  ke side effects , ‘Shaadi ke side effects‘ will also have a Urban Story, mixture of love, romance, comedy and full drama. The theatrical  Shaadi ke side effects Full HD trailor has about millions of viewers. You can Watch Shaadi ke side effects 2014 movie trailer below this post. One of the cool dialogue of Shaadi ke side effects movie said by Sid is like this ” even Albert Einstein did not know about the wrong side of the towel “. Must say the role of Vidhya balan – Trisha as wife of Farhan Akhtar – Sid  is very teasing one in this movie. This Shaadi ke side effects 2014 movie deals with the tribulations after marriage and the issues that parenthood brings. Sid and Trisha also have a little sweet daughter whose name is Milli. Sid and Trisha of Pyaar ke side effects will now seen as husband and wife in this movie Shaadi ke side effects 2014As this upcoming Bollywood movie is the sequence series of Pyar ke side effects which was released seven years ago ,that is in 2006. Shaadi ke side effects 2014 movie will be released on Valentine’s Day. The song of the movie ” ATTYACHARI ” is very good. You can get Shaadi ke side effect MP3 songs here. Before getting the Shaadi ke side effects MP3 songs let us first discuss about Star casts of music of this upcoming Bollywood movie.

Shaadi ke side effects songs casts

Shaadi Ke Side Effects (2014) Songs

 Music Director
  •  Pritam Chakraborty
  •  Amitabh Bhattacharya
 Music Company
  • T Series 

Shaadi ke side effects MP3 songs

Shaadi ke side effects title song – coming soon.. Shaadi ke side effects MP3 song – coming soon…

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Shaadi ke side effects songs have not yet released but will be uploaded soon. Till then let us Watch Shaadi ke side effects Full HD trailer online.

Watch Shaadi ke side effects Full HD trailer online

Shaadi ke side effects (2014) movie is expected to be the crazy movie for the audience & its release on Valentine day will be very special for couples. Shaadi ke side effects movies has about 2,682,379 views till now on YouTube. If you enjoyed reading Shaadi ke side effects (2014) movie reviews, Watch Shaadi ke side effects (2014)movie Full HD video trailer, Shaadi ke side effects (2014) MP3 songs than give your views in the comment box below. For further Bollywood updates & upcoming Bollywood movies Stay tuned to us at



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