D3 Dhoom 3 2013 movie story review Box office collection

Dhoom 3 Box Office Collection

D3 Dhoom 3 Box Office Collection, Dhoom 3 story review, Dhoom 3 2013, Dhoom 3 movie

Dhoom 3 (D3) 2013 Box Office Collection: Yashraj banner DHOOM 3 Box office collection are expected going to blast the Bollywood records. Moreover there is hope that DHOOM 3 Box office collection will cross the barrier of 200 crores that is not achieved by any Bollywood movie in Bollywood history other than Krrish 3 Bollywood movie. Also , ticket rates of first three day shows of Dhoom 3 box office 2013 are raised to Rs. 500 to get such huge target. The most awaited movie of the 2013 is now going to release on 20 December on Sunday , but the tagline is used “Is not a holiday.. It’s not a Sunday , It’s Dhoom day” .Here you will get Dhoom 3 Box Office Collection, Dhoom 3 movie, Dhoom 3 Katrina Kaif Kamli song below in this post. When movie Dhoom Box office collection came hit , after that action movies also start producing in Bollywood film industry. Both Dhoom in 2004 and Dhoom 2 in 2006 were super duper hit on the box office and also collected a good Box Office Collection .In 2013 ,Dhoom 3 (D3) box office with production of 150 crores is one of the most expensive movie of Indian film industry. Dhoom 3 (D3) movie is full with real animations and high definition technology and unconventional stunts. This time Dhoom 3 story will be same as before, but climax is said to be different from previous versions. Now Aamir Khan and Katrina kaif , playing role as villein , also a point of attraction for Aamir and Katrina fans. First time a song “Kamli” by Katrina Kaif is released with total budget of 5 crores.

Dhoom 3 (D3) First Day Box Office Collection – 33.5 crores

Dhoom 3 (D3) Second Day Box Office Collection – 50 crores

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Dhoom 3 movie 2013 story review

Dhoom 3 2013 movie review: Dhoom 3 2013 movie story again move around thief and police battle but in some new moves. In childhood, Sahir (Aamir Khan) , learned many magical tricks from his father (Jacky Shroff ) and always follow him. But in between a circus show, his father have been killed. Now Sahir has only one dream that is to revenge the death of his father. After that , DHOOM 3 2013 movie story get on the track.

Now Sahir become adult and also works in the circus as his father did . Here, he met with a gymnast Aaliya (Katrina Kaif) . She is very calm girl , but shows different attitude while performing in circus. Brave Aaliya when perform , it seems that there is no gravitation all around. In case of heart, she is brave too. Meanwhile , Sahir theft the circus owner property and run. As he thought that in his father’s death , circus owner had big hand. Then Dhoom 3 story, turns with the entry of ACP Jay Dixit , one of brave , sincere ,smart and intelligent police officer of Mumbai. Jay is so fond of his enemy that he can cross any limit. That is why he thinks like thief’s mentality.

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Here, Ali Akbar (Uday Chopra) helps Jay to achieve his goal . Ali is also very entertaining as well. His flirty nature enhance the interest in movie. Now, Ali and Jay, both aim to catch Sahir at any cost but they don’t have any proof. They trapped a web to arrest thief. They use Aaliya and the Dhoom 3 story review continues with a tragic end. Whether Aaliya will help police or Sahir? Watch Dhoom 3 movie Full HD video and get some idea.

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