Merry Christmas 2013 | Christmas celebrations,Greetings

Merry Christmas 2013


Christmas 2013 Ok, I know its a bit early for Christmas 2013 wishes but in countries like America, Australia, England, the planning for the Christmas eve starts soon after Halloween and Thanks Giving.

Like Diwali 2013 is the sacred festival of Hindus, Christmas is the sacred festival of Christians mostly celebrated in western countries. On this day, people exchange gifts within families. A mythical figure, Santa Claus, bring gifts for the children. Santa Claus dresses himself in white and red dress with a white beard.


Christmas was not among the earliest festival of Christianity. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The exact date of Christ’s birth was fixed unanimously two centuries after his death by Catholic Church. Now this festival is celebrated on 25th December every year.

Diwali Indian festival of lights


People make great preparations for this occasion. All the churches are washed and decorated with flowers and pictures and candles. The most important part of this festival is Christmas tree. On this day, a branch of Christmas tree is cut down and planted in any corner of the house. Then this branch is decorated with toys, ribbons and lights.

At night, everyone sing Christmas carol and offer prayers to God. After the prayers, Christmas gifts and cards are exchanged. People prepare best meals they can offer on that day. They dress up in their best clothes.

It is a festival of feasting and rejoicing. Now-days, this festival is celebrated by other religion people also as a festive occasions. People go to church and light up candles.

It’s Christmas..!! Share the spirit  of peace and joy on the occasion of this festival with your near and dear ones. Send them your best wishes.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

Don’t be selfish.. Wish Merry Christmas to your friends as ‘sharing is caring’. Keep visiting


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