Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone Specification, Release date, Price in India

Samsung Galaxy S5 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S5 specification & price in India

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification, Release date, Price in India: At the Analyst Day event in Korea, Samsung has announced that the company is planning to launch a new Smartphone next year which will have a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (2 K).
Few days back there was a new report emerging from Korea which suggested that the device that company has planned to launch, is already under development. And most probably, Samsung will announce its alleged Smartphone in February 2014 at MWC.

 However, whether the  Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone with a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (2 K) will be the  anticipated  and rumored Samsung Galaxy S5, is not yet confirmed.

When Samsung Galaxy S4 landed in the market, it was loved by the people. It is slim, light and powerful and has the best screen ever seen in any smartphone.

And now people are eagerly waiting for the launch of next Samsung Galaxy Smartphone of galaxy S series i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5.

In this article, we have pulled together all the latest news and updates from the web about what you might expect from Galaxy S5. We have brought the Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications, Samsung Galaxy S5 price in India & Samsung Galaxy S5 release date in India.

Samsung Galaxy S5 expected price and release date in India

Earlier company was planning to launch this Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone in March 2014. But now there’s a rumor that Samsung has decided to prepone the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 to February 2014 after Samsung Galaxy S4 failed to sell as many as predicted.

Now if we talk about the price, it is useless to expect that Samsung Galaxy S5 will come up with low price tag. With all the advanced and latest technology, the retailing price of this Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone will be at the top of pricing tree.

If Samsung Galaxy S5 comes up with aluminum chases or curved display or any such latest technology, then we can see its price sky-rocketing.

Samsung Galaxy S5 price in India – will be updated soon…

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date – Febuarary 2014 (expected)

Samsung Galaxy S5 to come up with metal chassis???

In all the earlier Samsung Galaxy SmartphonesSamsung has used less impressive plastic bodies. But now the rumors from lots of sources are claiming that Galaxy S5 will come up with an all metal chassis.

Earlier this year, iPhone 5S and HTC One have suppressed the sale of Galaxy S4, so now Samsung really needs to work on with Galaxy S5. And this is the first step that the company might take.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications and rumors

With Samsung Galaxy S4, manufacturers have taken the specifications of Smartphone to a next higher level. It is expected that they will continue the similar trend with  next higher generation.

The recent reports have claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone will come up with  16 megapixel camera  with optical image stabilization feature. The company has already announced a new CMOS image sensor dubbed ISOCELL. This sensor is  not used in any of the smartphones till now. It is expected that it will debut in the Galaxy S5,

Samsung Galaxy S5 will have impressive  1440 X 2560 display of 5 to 5.2 inches and 3GB RAM. Rumors suggest that Samsung may move away from the AMOLED technology ( used in earlier phone of the company) in favor of LCD panels in the Galaxy S5, in order to save money in producing the handset.

Samsung itself has stated that its Smartphone will have 64 bit processor.

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An official spokes person from the company stated that Samsung is coming up with new ultra slim memory solutions. With this smartphone will get even more thinner and will also provide a data transfer speed of 2133 megabytes per second per pin.

Now if we take a look at the operating system of the phone, it will definitely be the latest android version.

In addition, there’s a  report which reveals that the manufacturers are  working on next line of Smartphones that will have eye-scanning technology for unlocking the phone, authentication etc. Samsung Galaxy S5 will probably be the first device to have such a brilliant feature.. However, officially there is no word from Samsung on the eye-scanning feature.

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