Get Free online Bitstrips Mobile App on Social Networking Site Facebook

Bitstrips Mobile App on Facebook

Bitstrips app on social networking site facebook

Get free online Bitstrips mobile app on Facebook: FACEBOOK is the largest growing social networking site ever on internet. Facebook has made Social networking too easy today. Many Apps have been launched on social networking site FACEBOOK. But only some of them are popular and famous among the audience and user of Facebook. Here you can Get free online Bitstrips mobile app on Social Networking site Facebook.

FACEBOOK is getting more and more cartoonish these days . Many user are using some cartoonish pictures repeatedly. You can also check out on your Facebook wall and see these Bitstrips pic there. The BITSTRIPs app is not so new as the company launched it in the end of 2012, but just released its iPhone app in September and updated it earlier this week , along with its Android app. Here you will know about Bitstrip App, How to use Bitstrips App on social networking site Facebook and about the Bitstrips App, Get free online Bitstrips mobile app below in this post. You can also visit the official site of Bitstrips here.

Bitstrips app is listed as BITSTRIPS. And this is the top downloaded app in Apple’s app Store .

How to use BITSTRIPS App on social networking site Facebook?

  • If you are on your phone, firstly log in to Facebook and start designing the cartoon character of yours in Bitstrip app.
  • Put some make – up, hairstyle , accessories , bags , outfits , adjust the face as per you like.
  • Once your avatar is ready , you can select any comic scene according to your mood or any occassion.
  • You can even adjust the text written below the picture.
  • You can even create avatar of your friend and can depict any scene .

The aspect that makes the BITSTRIPS app so addicting is that it is having 1000+  templates and each and every day company adds new templates.


BITSTRIPS  is a smartphone and social media app that enables us  to create cartoon avatars of ourselves and also of our friends and comic strips for online sharing . You can make a status comic in which you and share you mood or what you are doing . There is also a option “friend comic ” in which you can put your avatar with your friend’s avatar in any situation or even can make a greeting card for their birthdays or any other occasions .

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At least it is not so annoying as Farmville. BITSTRIP is a  visual way to interact with your friends giving a real feel.


  • Design yours and your friend’s cartoon avatar.
  • Put your friends in funny comic situations .
  • Show how is your mood .
  •  Show how you are feeling in show status .
  • Send greeting cards to your friends on their birthdays  or on occasion .
  • Share it on anywhere ( Facebook ,twitter , tumblr ) .

BITSTRIPS has released four new comic each day. In the end ,the app will fade like many others but that temporary joy given by this app is awesome. As many of the users started finding it annoying  as right now we are able to create one comic and the next day you may see 20,000 different versions of it.

If you are having any queries related to the working of BITSTRIPS app, Bitstrips mobile app, social networking site Facebook app, Get free online Bitstrips mobile app than please write to us at the comment box below.

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