Get free Vith U : V Gumrah Initiative Emergency Android App online

Vith U : V Gumrah Initiative

Vith U : V Gumrah Initiative Emergency Android App online

Vith U : V Gumrah Initiative Emergency Android App online: VithU is an initiative taken by V Gumrah , which is an emergency app that begins to send alert messages after every 2 minutes to your contacts that you have already fed into the app just by clicking the power button two times consequently on your mobile  phone. This Emergency Android App Vith U is very much helpful for the girls when they are in danger. You must have this Vith U Emergency Android App in your Smartphone so that you can call anyone at the time of danger.

How Vith U Emergency Android App works?

Vith U Emergency Android App: Vith U is an Android App which during emergency starts to send alert messages to the person whoose number you have added in this Android App. The messages are sent after each interval of 2 minutes. At the time of Emergency you have only to press the Power button two times.

The written message in Vith U App is like this I am in danger . I need help . Please follow my location . These can be changed according to yourself . And if you don’t deactivate it , the receiver will receive the message after every two minutes and the receiver of Vith U App will receive a link of your present location and after every two minutes the location will be updated .

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Get Vith U App on your Android Smartphone

Vith U : V Gumraah

This initiative taken by V Gumrah with Vith U Android App made women less fearful . Vith U App will send the location to their guardians where they can reach on time. Once you download Vith U from your play store ,  It will require your Google location data ,which you have to grant access otherwise your app will not work accurately . And remember that your phone must have a proper internet connection to run this Emergency Android App .  This Android app is available in Android Smartphone, smart phones and apple store from where you can download it easily and without any cost . However , Vith U will charge normal message rate , if the text you typed is longer it will charge double for that message .

With Vith U  Android App you can even get the updates of the crime scene in the country and you will also have a ” tips feed ” option which gives you many safety tips in emergency condition . If you ever seen a crime case or ever  been a victim , must share that incident with your friends , family and known , this will make them more careful about their surrounding . And also see every episode of V Gumrah this will also make you mentally strong and gives you idea of how to react wisely at time of emergency .

If you have any queries related to this Emergency Android App, Vith U Android App, V Gumrah than please write to us in the comment box below.

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