Tips to prevent Chapped lips in winter | Winter Tips

Tips to prevent Chapped lips in winter

tips to prevent chapped lips in winter, winter tips

Tips to prevent Chapped Lips in Winter: Mostly in the winter season we start facing many facial problems. Among them the most common is the problem of Chapped Lips in winter. Chapped Lips in winter create many problems to us and also are very painful. During eating some spicy food it feels as Chapped lips are burning. Chapped Lips always look unattractive. In winter, we take every possible precaution to protect ourselves from this cold weather. We cover ourselves from top to toe, but our poor lips get exposed to harsh wintry winds. Continuous exposure to these winds make the lips fragile and tiny splits and cracks start to appear which causes Chapped lips in winter. This is a quite disgusting and irritating thing.They can be unattractive and painful too.So if you are having Chapped Lips and your lips are flake and dry than read the tips given below. These will tell you the Tips to prevent Chapped Lips in Winter. So here are some Winter tips Tips to prevent Chapped Lips in Winter which can help you ward off this misery.

Now Say goodbye to chapped lips this winter…!!

Tips to prevent Chapped lips in winter | Winter Tips

1. Drink lots of fluid

Tips to prevent Chapped Lips in Winter: Chapped Lips are the symptoms of dehydration i.e loss of water in our body. Thinking that its winter, people usually limit their fluid intake. Summer or winter, 8 to 10 glasses of water are necessary for our body per day. The first sign of dehydration appears on the lips. So have enough fluids and water and keep your body hydrated. This tips to prevent Chapped lips in winter will be helpful.

 2. Stick to ointments and home remedies:

Tips to prevent Chapped Lips in Winter: As Chapped lips in winter cause our soft lips to be dry and flake. Aloe Vera, Vitamin E ointment and unflavored lip balms are quite effective. The best home remedy is to rub a slice of cucumber daily for 10 minutes on your lips. You can also go for coconut, almond, olive or any other natural oil or even milk and honey. So never make your Chapped lips wet by your saliva but try some ointments.

3. Avoid using costly cosmetics

Tips to prevent Chapped Lips in Winter: During Chapped lips in winter we apply some costly cosmetic products. The fancy beauty products promise you a lot and those pictures of luscious lips might tempt you but the truth is different. These cosmetics have a lot of chemicals contained in them. They can provide temporary relief but they actually dry your lips eventually.

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4. Use fluoride free tooth paste

Tips to prevent Chapped Lips in Winter: Never use any thing which cause allergy to your mouth. Some people have allergy from fluoride toothpaste. It has effect on their lips. So try to switch your tooth paste to fluoride free tooth paste so as to prevent chapped lips in winter.

5. Don’t lick your lips…!!!

Tips to prevent Chapped Lips in Winter: This is the most common thing that we all do when we have Chapped lips in winter. But licking the lips aggravates the chapping i.e increases Chapped Lips. Instead  of moisturizing, licking them makes your lips even more dehydrated. So next time you have a urge, stop yourself right there chapped lips in winter..!!

6. Moisturize your lips:

Tips to prevent Chapped Lips in Winter: Keep your lips moisturized. Don’t let them dry until they are healed. Otherwise you will have more Chapped Lips in winter. So try the remedies to prevent chapped lips in winter

I hope Tips to prevent Chapped lips in winter | Winter Tips article was helpful. If you are having any queries related to Chapped lips in winter, Tips to prevent Chapped lips in winter, or you want any more winter tips than write to us in comment box below.

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Happy Winters…!!!



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