How to recover WhatsApp deleted messages?

Recover WhatsApp deleted messages

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How to recover WhatsApp deleted messages? WhatsApp today is the most used app in the whole world. Most of the people re using WhatsApp rather than FacebookWhatsApp is a cross platform messaging instant service. WhatsApp has not only the ability to send text messages, but also you can share images, videos, pictures, audio etc with WhatsApp. WhatsApp is available for Androids, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iPhone etc. Here you will know about the major problem faced by WhatsApp users. When they accidentally delete the messages. Also you will get to know How to recover WhatsApp deleted messages?

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Problems faced by WhatsApp users:

WhatsApp users sometimes accidentally delete some of their important and useful text conversations .Often, while using WhatsApp, users come across a problem of being unable to recover their important deleted messages. Most of the people don’t know that there is a very simple and quick method by which they can easily recover WhatsApp deleted messages. This article will guide you for recover WhatsApp deleted messages. You can know How to recover WhatsApp deleted messages?

Where do the WhatsApp deleted messages go after deletion?

Its a very common misconception among users that after deleting the WhatsApp messages get permanently removed from the Android system. But this is not so.  WhatsApp deleted messages after deletion does not get completely removed from the device on which it is being used. Whenever the user WhatsApp user deletes any message or conversation from WhatsApp, WhatsApp deleted messages  gets stored in the form of coding in WhatsApp database folder. This WhatsApp deleted messages coding consist of Chinese symbols and characters that could not be understood by a normal user.

What is the way to recover WhatsApp deleted messages?

Now in order to recover WhatsApp deleted messages that have been deleted, a user must follow the following steps:

  1. To recover WhatsApp deleted messages, open the WhatsApp folder in your mobile or from whichever device you are using WhatsApp.
  2. There will be a folder named Database over there. Open this WhatsApp folder.How to recover whatsapp deleted messages?, WhatsApp
  3. Copy the entire contents of WhatsApp database folder into your computer .How to recover whatsapp deleted messages?, download WhatsApp
  4. When you will open this WhatsApp folder in Notepad you will see a coding in the form of Chinese characters and symbols.
  5. Copy the entire Chinese characters and symbols coding from notepad below link.
  6. Click the following recovery messages button to recover WhatsApp deleted messages Recover Messages                    How to recover whatsapp deleted messages?, WhatsApp
  7. After clicking the recovery messages button, above screen will appear. Paste the entire Chinese characters and symbols coding in the Search SQLite File box.
  8. Then accept the following term of use.
  9. Finally click on scan button to recovery WhatsApp deleted messages.
  10. You can view all your WhatsApp deleted messages & conversations.

This is all How to recover WhatsApp deleted messages?

I hope How to recover WhatsApp deleted messages?, download WhatsApp, WhatsApp, recover messages helpful. For any kind of queries feel free to write.

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