Play Station 4 (PS4) launch in India

Play Station 4 (PS4)

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Play Station 4 (PS4) in India has been launched in the market by Sony Computers Entertainment . It took birth as a part of 8th generation of Video Game Console . It can be operated by DVD or Blue ray disk media. Based on FreeBSD 9 , Play Station 4 (PS4) operating system is orbit OS . Play Station 4 (PS4) has a great storage capacity of 500 GB as  hard disk from predecessors. Also has 8 GB unified memory. More precisely , Semi-custom AMD Radeon GPU(integrated into APU) containing PS4 is ultimate . Moreover , Play Station 4 (PS4) has 16 times RAM as in PS3.

Play Station 4 in India will be launched in the month of February 2014.

Evolution of Play Station 4 (PS4)

In year 1947 , Thomas T Goldsmith (junior) and Robert Mann developed the patent for Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device . After that ,Video games console have reached the 8th generation.

First evolution was Meganabox , With 8 bit 1.79 megahertz micro controller. Internal RAM was only 64 byte and contained 8 KB media which is so minute for Play Station 4 (PS4) .

Further comes NES , again with 8 bit 1.79 megahertz processor , but have 2 KB RAM with 49128 bytes of ROM. NES had cart rage size of 1 MB .

SNES was little much better , with 3.58 megahertz processor . Specific RAM of 128 KB . Now cart rage size improved to 8 MB and one more factor of resolution went better of 512 x 448 .

Then the play station series started , beginner of Play Station 4 (PS4) , first play station was 33.8 megahertz processor . 2 MB memory , 1 MB video , and 512 MB sound memory. Also it have feature of 600 MB games.

 Nintendo 64 was much better than predecessors . CPU of 93. 75 megahertz was processed with 36 megabit memory and resolution was about 640 x 480 p .

After Nintendo 64 , Play station 2 was much better than predecessors . Have 64 bit 300 megahertz CPU . Also contain 32 MB memory with 4 MB video . Resolution factor now come across 720 p .

Play station 3 released with similar features as Play Station 4 (PS4) of power PC 3.2 gigahertz and 550 megahertz graphics , containing ultimate 256 MB RAM and 50 MB media .

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