Gurpurab|Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti History & Celebrations

Gurpurab-Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti

Gurpurab-Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti is the day of celebration Indian festival of Guru Nanak Dev ji’s birthday. He is the founder and the first guru of Sikhism. It is one of the most auspicious religious festival of Sikh religion. This day is celebrated on 15th Kartik purnmashi.

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History of Gurpurab-Guru Nanak Dev Jayantiimages

Guru Nanak was born in a village, Rai-Bhoi-di Talwandi, presently known as Nankana Sahib near Lahore,Pakistan. From childhood, he had great interest in spirituality and divinity. When he grew up, he completely engrossed himself in finding out the power of spirituality in one’s life that ultimately resulted in the foundation of  Sikhism.

Gurpurab actually refers to the birth anniversaries  of 10 Sikh Gurus to mark their great  contributions towards Sikhism. Celebration of Guru Nanak Jayanti is almost similar to other Gurpurabs. On this day, the teachings  that are quoted in the sacred Sikh scripture Guru Grant Sahib, the holy book in which hymns of all the 10  Sikh Gurus are quoted,are relived.

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Celebrations of Gurpurab-Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti

The celebration of this day generally starts with Prabhat Pheri. Prabhat Pheri is early morning procession that starts at the gurudwara and proceed around the localities singing hymns and chanting the name of God. Akhand path is held at GuruDwara two days before the Gurpurab. Akhnd Path is reading the holy Guru Granth Sahib for 48 hours.

Gurudwaras are decorated with lights in a very attractive way.

A day before gurupurab, people  carry out processions holding Nishan Sahib (the Sikh flag) and singing hymns. The Palki  for Guru Granth Sahib, Panj Pyaras and ‘Gatka‘ team displaying martial arts and their sword skills are the integral part of the event. They are the source of attraction of this event.

On the occasion of Gurpurab-Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti langar is served at all the Gurudwaras.

Apart from the traditional celebrations, people share the essence of this festival by sending  inspirational and lovely Guru Nanak Jayanti messages and wishes to their dear ones.

May Guru Ji help you to achieve  your goals and May His blessings be with you forever..!!!

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