Gaming Industry in India | Fields and Package

Gaming Industry in India

gaming industry in india

Over a decade before , Gaming Industry in India was not so much developed . But the popularity of new technology and mobile internet has given birth to new possibilities for development Gaming Industry in India. In the international market the contribution of India is less than even one percent but this is increasing at a very rapid rate.

The whole world has gaming industry of 3147 Arab rupees. Whereas Gaming Industry in India is 15.36 Arab as recorded in 2012 . The growth rate of Gaming Industry in India is 22 percent which is equivalent to world’s growth rate as estimated after next 5 years.

Different fields in Gaming Industry in India

In game industry , the carrier is not limited to game development and game designing . The youth who really want to make future in music can give music for games and also compose them or they can also apply as a game artist . If you are aspirant for good voice quality then you can also become voice over artist. One can also find carrier in game testing. Game tester opportunity will emphaisis on testing the merit and demerits of game before launching in the market . Instead of this , marketing and games journalism is  also better option for the aspirants who want to make carrier in game industry.

Packages in Gaming Industry in India

In India , instead of National Institute of Design (NID)  , Arina Multimedia and Maya Academy of Advance Cinematography like institute also have courses of game designing. Graduate diploma program of animation and film design and also graphic design annual fees is about 2 lakhs and 10 thousand rupees in NID. In Gaming Industry in India , for animator or for graphic designer freshers , the annual package range from about 1.2 lakhs to 13 lakhs maximum.

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