Aranya 2013 technical fest of Thapar University


          Aranya 2013

“iNERGY- Saving Energy With Innovation”

Thapar University(TU), Patiala, Punjab

22 November to 24 November,2013


                       “Bringing up the socio with tech…”


Aranya 2013 is the annual technical fest of Thapar University(TU),Patiala. Aranya was started in 2006,the golden jubilee year of Thapar University. Over time, this fest has gained more and more popularity. It draws attention of many college students from all over India.

aranya 2013

Aranya 2013 provides a platform to the students to perform, participate and learn in quality setting which allows them to achieve their best in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere, to develop awareness among students about various social causes and innovation in the world. It is going to be a great  platform for exhibiting corporates through workshops, stalls and events. It will be a great opportunity for the students link with the high-tech gadgets and to feed the necessity of technology.



  • Debug
  • Spin A Web
  • Cyber Pirates
  • Online Programming Contest-ODE2CODE


  • Maze Solver
  • Electromania
  • Sumo Wrestler
  • 2 Bot Kabaddi
  • Encoded Maps


  • Make It Count
  • Wind Thrust
  • Design Fury
  • QuizoMania(CIVIQ)
  • West Point Bridge
  • Earthen Dam Model Testing
  • Bridge It


  • Quiz-inquest
  • Chemical X
  • Hot ice pyramid
  • Crystal Clear
  • Heating equipment- chem storm
  • Checker type of game-playing for keep


  • Bio Quiz
  • Poster Making Competition
  • Presentation On Latest Trends In Bio-Tech
  • Treasure Hunt


immolation is a semi annual LAN gaming event organized at Thapar university Patiala . This is the 13th edition of the event.The lan party and tournaments are arranged in a gaming arena and gamers all around India gather here to show their  gaming skills.


  • Shaurya gatha : Exbition of Miltary tanks and weapons
  • Indian army- self defence
  • Auto Expo
  • PaintBall

For details of the events, you can visit the official site of Aranya 2013  here 

Or you can visit the facebook page of Aranya 2013 also Here

Many workshops will be organized in this fest.

The celebrities for the star night of Aranya 2013 are yet to be confirmed.

Aranya 2013 App

The students of Thapar University have developed an android app for Aranya 2013 which will keep you updated  with the latest information of the fest. The official app of Aranya is available on Google Play.

You can search it by Aranya2013(without any space between Aranya and 2013)

Must share Aranya 2013 with your online friends .



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