Sensex today ,Indian sovereign rating at risk

Sensex today ,Indian sovereign rating at risk

Sensex today

Sensex today ,Indian sovereign rating as warned by Standard & Poor’s (S&P), the global rating agency , on Thursday, is at risk. According to latest news from International Rating Agency Standard and Poor(S & P) proved that due to regular decrease of sensex from last 4 days and previous economic crises of India made its rating at degraded point. S & D has still ensured India on fixed rating of BBB-A-3. Moreover,S & D also stabled Indian rating out look on negative ranking.

Sensex today This well known rating agency declared that if next government of India after election is fail to construct a strong plan to keep its economic condition on track, then that government will decrease the Indian sovereign rating even below the investment grade of India. Sensex today After this step,India government have to face a big trash,as due to this decrease in rating, Indian ranking will come under “junk” category.But from this warning, this is also come to know that S & P is not in favour to decrease Indian sovereign rating instantaneously.Also, on Thursday, Indian share market also decreased after an sudden initial increase. This situation was encountered after S & P warning.That is why, Sensex today of Bombay share market broke 72.17 points to a level of 20,822.77 points after slipping. Sensex consistent third day downfall is recorded. S & P also told that it can reform the rating only if upcoming Indian government will take some revolutionary initiatives.

Happy Diwali for Sensex Up

Sensex today On the other hand, Finance minister of India told on Thursday that Rupees will confront dollar within one to two days. It is to know that on Thursday, a time was there when rupees decline at level of 62.58. But,it is hope that by brokers that soon sensex will jump again as at the time of Diwali and Indian sovereign rating will remain stable.

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