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If you are an active blogger or you own a website then you might be familiar with the term backlinks but if you are a layman to the blogging and web designing world then I will make your all doubts clear.

Backlinks are those which are coming from other website or blog to your site. These are also known as in links or incoming links. Basically Backlink is defined as the link received by a web page from other web page.

Backlinks have a huge significance in Search Engine Optimization. Bloggers and Search Engine Optimizers use backlinks to improve the quality of search engine optimization of their website resulting in better page rank or site rank. It helps their site to appear in the top pages of the Google search or in the search of any other search engine.

Backlinks decide that how many other webpages are linked to your webpage. Hence it is a parameter to measure your site’s reputation. There are numerous plugins, tools and websites available to check backlinks of your webpage but it is difficult to figure out that which one is best and which is not good to use. So we have come with the top backlinks checker tools to resolve your problems.

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  1. Back Link Watch: This website is the most popular website to check the backlinks quantity and quality both. This backlink checker tool is utilized by most of the top bloggers and webmasters. This tool shows page rank of your website and total number of backlinks present on your page. It also tells you about the top websites linked to your blog.
  2. Open Site Explorer: This tool is also very well known amongst the bloggers for its outstanding performance. It has various SEO options for the bloggers and satisfies all the needs required for backlinks checker. It is considered as the best site to check the backlinks. If you have purchased the paid pack of the site then you will be updated on the daily basis about your site’s backlink status. This website updates your backlink data in 15 minutes. It is miles ahead than which takes 1 month to update the backlink data.
  3. Link Diagnosis: This website is a free backlinks checker website. It helps to create a report on your backlinks status in both the optimized and detailed form. It depends on the choice of the blogger whether he or she wants to check the backlinks of the single page or whole website or blog. This is a very helpful tool but its usability decreases because of two essential requirements. One is that it requires Mozilla Firefox and other is that it needs Link Diagnosis extension to be installed on your PC.
  4. Rank Signals: This is also a free backlinks checker tool. It gives you the detailed analysis of the backlinks. This tool can also be used to link anchor text. Along with backlinks detail it also tells you about  Alexa rank and Page rank of your website or web blog. The one and only thing that makes this tool different from others is its neat and clean look which makes it easy to use.
  5. Small SEO Tools: This tool provides you the backlinks information as well as it tells you about the Page rank, Alexa rank of your site. It also tells about the anchor text and also that the backlink is no follow or do follow. The bad thing about this backlinks checker is that it is quite slower than other tools. This tool is easy to use as other tools but the information that it provides is really appreciable.

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