Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan


mars orbiter mission

Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan was approved by the Indian Government on 3 August 2013 after the enquiry and research lead by the Space Research Ministry. The total cost of Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan  project is estimated to be 5 Billion INR. The launch of the Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan  was planned on 28 October 2013 but it was delayed by a week due to bad weather conditions. If the plan becomes successful then the ISRO would become fourth space organization to reach mars  planet successfully.The three agencies that already has achieved this landmark are Roscomos, NASA and ESA. Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan  mission is considered to be a technology demonstrator project.

Mars Orbiter Mission | India’s Mars Mission

The aim of the Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan  is to develop the technology for design, management, planning, management and operations of interplanetary mission. The structure of the spacecraft used is same as was used in Chandrayan 1, the India’s only mission to the moon. Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan mission was successful and was operated between 2008 and 2009. Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan  also faced a huge criticism that why Indian government is spending billions of money in useless Mars Mission. This can also be spent on the poor people’s welfare. But scientists claim that the cost used in the mission if divided among st population of the country will pave only 4INR to every Indian. And if this amount collectively been spent in some space research mission will lead country to the new heights and glory.

Launch of GSLV Indian rocket

The Program Director of the Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan  is Mylswamy Annadurai and Project Director of the mission is S. Arunan. SK Shiv Kumar is the Director of the Mars Orbiter Mission , Mangalyaan  project.

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