Google Glass controls Drone | Fly Drones with Google Glass

Fly Drones with Google Glass

google glass

Science-fiction meets reality. The next year we will see  Google  glass released to the  public. Google glass is a computer with an optical display mounted on head. By wearing this one is able to see through this. This is made with a concept where computing is done anywhere  and everywhere. In contrast to desktop computing, it can occur on any device.

Although there are no frames fitted on Google glass ,for this  Google is seeking partnership with warby parker or ray-ban.

It is  also consisting of a touch pad allowing the user to control the device smoothly.It’s frames come with replacement and adjustable nosepads, and expected to be of very light weight.

Google Glass ,Google’s one of the most advanced projects, has shown some outstanding application the most recent one being as to be used as a drone controller. Blaine Bublitz, a security researcher with a view to create a program to control vehicles discovered this application. on experimentation with a file named as node.js which is a JavaScript program.

Download free Omnimodus software created by NIT Jalandhar Student

Reports said that the Google glass drone can be controlled safely and smoothly for floating it in air. However, Bublitz has found some glitches in controlling the AR Drone with relation to eye height. He said that he is currently working on extending its functionality so that complete control over directional flying could be achieved. This he added is possible through Google Glass’ azimuthal value which will require a bit more time for perfect realization.

Bublitz’s GitHub profile has made the program available for download so that users may perform some experimentation with the code.

Google glass comes in five colors cotton, sky, charcoal,shale and tangerine. In plain English these are grey , white, blue,orange and black.

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