Windows 8.1 Release Date| Get Latest Features and Upgrades

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Get latest features and upgrades Microsoft has come up with their new product Windows 8.1 in the market which is supposed to bring some boost up for the users of the Microsoft products. After the criticism and unacceptable of many of the features of the Windows 8 Microsoft is now back with their new avatar as Windows 8.1. Though Microsoft played a dangerous game  by eliminating the start button  but the desktop worked up with the touch screen devices as basically it was designed for them.

So as we all know that people are waiting for Windows 8.1 release and its features and latest updates . But I suggest you to kindly go through Windows 8.1 article before using Windows 8.1 fully . Windows 8.1 has many new and upgraded features which makes Windows 8.1 very vast . Windows 8.1 covers all the lacks of Windows 8 .

Now the thing is that the people like users and customers of the Windows want to about the reviews and the features of the Windows 8.1 .



Microsoft on Thursday released Windows 8.1 and it looks same as Windows 8 but varies in features.

When you first switch on a Windows 8.1 PC you will be noticing many different things from previous version of Windows i.e. Windows 8. The boot process or the loading of the Windows 8.1 is still quick , Live Tiles greets you when  you sign in to the Windows . But when you start to surf  or around, the improvements that are made in version become a little apparent . The users who are using first time will be seeing some tips for navigation  of the application throughout  the OS after the first time demo of the setup . They are useful as initial hints, and a new dedicated Help + Tips application play a role  of the key point for anyone who was confused by the new user interface of the current window OS.

This Windows 8.1 update is an incremental update that focuses basically  on upgrades of the design of Windows 8 a little bit, while it adds  many small and minimal changes on how the Operating System runs.



UI changes in Windows 8.1

On the new Windows 8.1 Start Menu Screen Microsoft borrows it from Windows Phone 8 by introducing new large and small Live Tiles. The Weather tile is  now being expanded to show the weather of  three different cities you want to know and three days of weather forecasts at a same time and then it will display the results in the calender according to the data provided.

The Windows Store tile has been animated now full of features , providing constant application recommendations. And most of the Start Screen improvements are being focusing on the newer Windows 8.1  style applications, Microsoft has now allowed traditional desktop applications to use colorful tiles.

Start button and Snap Views on Windows 8.1

The very first time when you start the desktop equipped with Windows 8.1, you’ll see the coming back or you can see that it is RETURNs OF THE   Start Button. It acts as an intermediate between the desktop and Start Screen or you can between the two worlds, and it will only show on the Start Screen if you are using a mouse to navigate to the lower left-hand corner. It has replaced Microsoft’s odd looking square tip from Windows 8, and for many will act as a familiar reminder of how to navigate Windows. But it’s just a button: Microsoft is not bringing back the traditional Windows Start Menu here.

Windows 8.1 allows much more personalized and vast  Operating System . You can now pick backgrounds that are already built in the environment . Now move and do animation as you swipe. And also there are qualities to change the colour scheme with a color picker which is also a praising and pleasant  feature of Windows 8.1 . But the main thing of the whole thing is the ability to set the desktop wallpaper as the backdrop of the Start Screen. It sounds simple, but it’s an effective way to bridge the otherwise jarring switch from desktop to Start Screen. One of my favorite changes to Windows 8.1, at least visually anyway, is the ability to organize Windows 8-style apps in snapped views. By default when a link is clicked by the user a link of the app is automatically clicked which reduces time and accessibility of the apps. If you a picture is opened via an email address or somewhere else the view gives us slightly more space to the photo application. The  applications  or software can have multiple windows, and can be extended over multiple monitors.

Search options in Windows 8.1

Everyone know that  the Microsoft uses BING search engine by default as it had a million dollar partnership with them. If you search for “Store” in Windows 8.1 it will still show you the app, but now it also reaches out to Bing’s web engine to find results.  Now in the Windows 8.1 there is a separate application of Bing Search in the app corner.

Bing’s Smart Search really impresses and promising when someone  searches for an entity, name, a person or a place.

News are also presented in search, along with the  information from the information hub Wikipedia. Images found in search can be expanded and can be viewed in a separate window , and there’s also an option to separate them on basis of their characteristics to find out exactly the same  image you wanted to search. When we are talking about  images, when  you search for a location the new Search experience can  find pictures you may have clicked or taken there, putting them alongside web results.


SkyDrive synchronization and Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 8.1

Microsoft have changed their visual effects and has improved them time to time and also in this newer update of Windows 8.1 by Sky Drive synchronization. Microsoft’s cloud-based storage system powers Windows 8.1 . The synchronization engine is built directly in, and Microsoft has made some smart improvements to the way that files sync to Windows 8.1 PC systems. Instead of transferring  the entire Sky Drive storage to a local PC, it loads icons, and just enough information required to identify the file. When you open the file, it downloads it on the spot. You can set folders and files to download fully so they’re available offline, or just set an entire SkyDrive instance to remain offline on the PC.

At last the  result is that all your data items including  file  and apps are stored in SkyDrive. This makes it incredibly easy to log in to any other Windows 8.1 PC and start loading apps and documents as if it was your own machine. Like so many things about Windows 8.1, sync seems like a logical update, but it’s one of the most significant improvements to Windows 8.1.

Microsoft is also making use of its cloud-sync technology to improve Internet Explorer with version 11. Internet Explorer supports unlimited tabs and it switches their placement to the bottom to make them easier to use on a smaller Windows 8.1 tablet. It’s much faster and more intuitive, and you can also sync tabs between Windows 8.1 machines alongside favorites and history. In a future Windows Phone update this will extend to syncing across to phones, but for now it’s just PCs and tablets.

Microsoft has  enabled Web GL support with Internet Explorer 11, allowing developers to target the browser with powerful web-based games. A Reading View option improves the readability of sites and lets you save them to read later, and Internet Explorer 11’s ability to detect phone numbers lets you use apps like Skype to quickly dial from web pages. Many of these changes are great for the touch-friendly Internet Explorer 11, but Microsoft is neglecting their desktop version while competitors like Google are continue to push extensions, apps, and even a full OS within the browser.

Apps and the Windows Store of Windows 8.1

The built-in apps for Windows 8 was trafficked or you can say rushed with so many things and this feature is being corrected in the newer version of the Windows 8.1 . Microsoft has  improved every single thing and app to provide a better interface to the users. With Windows 8.1 they have tried to fix as many as bugs were possible. Each application has been changed and added new features visually so that they can be understood in a much easier way and some of them resembles with the design of Window phone.  The application of the mail has been completely recorded or redesigned which is an improved version for both type of devices whether touch or keyboard and mouse use. User can simply drag and drop messages into the folders, easily select multiple messages with the check boxes, and generally filter out and simplify your mail box in a easier way. The performance of the applications is largely improved in the new Windows Store. users usually get the best ever experience because of the tremendous experience interface.  Microsoft has also put a new option in window for Mail in Windows 8.1, which allows user to snap messages side by side.

Upgrades from older versions ( Windows 8.1 as new avtar of Windows 8 )

If you’re an current Windows 8 user and have already paid the money to the Microsoft then the update is totally free for you and largely seamless, and adds some useful new features. You should upgrade as soon as possible.

If you are  a Windows 7 user and you are thinking upon upgrades of your legacy hardware, We would suggest you to keep with the OS you have until or unless you are going to buy a new computer system. Your Windows 7 PC likely might  not have a touch screen, so many of the Windows 8 or Windows 8.1  features will not work  for you.

If you have  been having  a new PC purchase because of your disinterest  towards the original Windows 8 release,We think that this update is not going to change your thinking towards the Windows because of minimal changes in it.  However, it’s likely that your misconceptions about Windows 8 are a little more which will resolve after using Windows 8.1.

You can also download Windows 8.1 online free .

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