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Search Engine Ranking Factors

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By the regular updates of Google algorithm, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a game with ever changing rules.SEARCH ENGINE ranking factors are versatile in nature. The things that helped websites to reach the top ranking in search engine last year has no relevancy or priority in current SEO strategies. As the result of surveying more than 100 SEO professionals Moz has released their 2013 search engine ranking factors . While this is not the full survey data, it does contain some important information to consider when you’re optimizing websites for search engines.

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To understand the recent search engine ranking factors, Google Ranking algorithm Moz uses search correlations based upon features on higher ranking sites versus ones that have low ranks. They generally use more than 14,000 keywords from Google AdWords across multiple categories then extract the top 50 organic search results in the month, post Penguin 2.0 of keywords.

The over optimization of keyword anchor text could be problematic and a sign of spamming, it will badly affect the search engine ranking. But the SEOs surveyed believed that diversity in anchor text, including both branded and non branded terms, was more important than the number of links themselves.

Moz also review the on page keywords and discovered a very high correlation of these keywords in body text, title, mete-description and H1 tags. More over, including keywords in both the title and on page are more important factors in search engine ranking.

Moz already discovered that the rankings of exactly match domains have higher importance in ranking, although the value is high for correlation. Many years ago it was extremely important for focus keyword to be in the title tag,but now SEOs rule changed,definitely shied away from exact matching keywords in favor of partial match domains or branded URLs.

The social signals and its correlation with ranking factors are very important. Google +1’s came out ahead of Facebook shares and tweets for increasing correlation, although the SEOs’ many surveys did not believe that social signals are very important to Google search algorithm.

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