Nokia Lumia Features|Why to prefer Nokia Lumia : 5 Reason

Nokia Lumia

nokia lumia

Nokia has been one of the leading companies of producing different cellphones in the world . Nokia has produced several model such as Nokia 1200 , Nokia 1100 , Nokia 5233 , Nokia N series etc . With the need of people Nokia also start producing fast processing smartphones having Window Operating System in them . One of such smartphones is Nokia Lumia series which works on Windows 8 Operating System .

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Nokia was once the dominant producer of good quality cellphones in India but during previous year two more companies had given a strong competition to them . Apple and Samsung Electronic Co Ltd are the biggest competitor for the Nokia . Also Nokia had failed to put down the lead of Apple and Samsung .

So now Nokia is now using twitter tweaks to increase the business and to share ” Why Nokia Lumia should be preferred over other smart phones ? ” ” What are the features of Nokia Lumia ? ”

Lets take a look over the 5 reasons as to why we should prefer Nokia Lumia ?


Today security is the major issue everywhere . People use to have security in their apps , files and folders etc . They need secure certificates . Nokia provides such security.

IRM : Information Right Management is the built in security . It helps in protecting your organisation’s intellectual right property .

User Friendly

Lumia is user friendly , durable quick and have smooth operations . It has a look of simple Windows 8 theme . It have a camera with Carl Zeis lens , which gives better quality pixels and picture ( HD quality ) . It has a fabulous outlook , good quality touch and a real gaming quality.


Now no need of PC’s and Laptops when you are not at home or office as Nokia Lumia provides editing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint , Excel and One-Note-Document . You can complete any pending office works on Lumia with a feel of PC’s or Laptops .

Wireless Charging

The awesome feature of Nokia in Nokia Lumia series ” The Wireless Charging ” . No need of plugging in the charger as it has wireless charging . This feature also boost up the Smartphone’s battery life without plugging in .


Offline Navigation : Now employee can be connected offline through Nokia ,no need to be connected to internet . Nokia provide the feature to be connected without any internet connection . Nokia said that about more than 95 countries have such facilities .

So it’s special features make this Nokia smartphone useful and user friendly .

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