Nokia Lumia 1020 launched in India| Will launch in Singapore on 5th October|41 MP Camera | Windows Phone | Review

Now, Nokia Lumia 1020 in Singapore


After the launching of Nokia Lumia in the last week in Malaysia,the handset maker’s flagship Windows phone 8 device will be launched on October  by doing doing debut  in Singapore. Customer who were waiting since announcement of  smartphone in July  will able to purchase the Nokia Lumia 1020 for S$999.

This smartphone will also be available from the Singapore from three Singapore mobile operators The smartphone will also be available from the three Singapore mobile operators with subsidized prices on contract.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone’s camera captures extremely high-resolution images with fine detail, and puts creative controls at your fingertips.It also has superior low-light performance and is capable of long exposure shots.

It is the only smartphone with :

  • 41 mega pixel camera sensor
  • Full HD ( High Defination ) video
  • Incredible audio capture by Nokia Rich Recording

It will also be launched in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam  in the  starting of October.

Today , Michael  Stroh ,Windows Phone Blog Editor report in a post that

This phone—which comes in market in yellow, white, and black—will initially debut at AT & T for $299.99 with a two-year contract. AT & T kicks off  online pre orders  on July 16. The phone, which runs on the carrier’s 4G LTE network, will officially be launched for sale on July 26.

To know more about new Smartphone switch to Windows Phone Blog.

Specification :

  1. It will have 41 MP Camera
  2. Xenon Flash and LED light together at the top
  3. Much thinner as compared to 808 but not so as it has a bulky camera on the backside , is 10.5 mm and weighs 150 grams
  4. 4.5 inch screen and 1280 * 720 touchscreen display
  5. Camera and Volume amplifier button on right side of mobile phone
  6. Colour of this Nokia 1020 is yellow and white
  7. Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core 1.5 GHz processor
  8. RAM – 2 GB
  9. Storage of 32 GB
  10. Battery of 2000 mAh .
  11. Interface – Windows 8
  12. 3.5 mm headset jack
  13. Camera ring is black in colour and has a mechanical shutter

Features :

  • It has stable footing
  • Great exposure and you can set the white balance , manual focus and exposure according to excellent images
  • It is coming in three different color of  yellow, white and black .

This Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone is bit awkward as it has bulky camera and is not so slim but is the best windows phone if we consider the camera .

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