Largest Temple in the world now in India

Largest temple in world – Chandrodaya temple

largest temple in the world,chandrodaya temple

This is not any stadium,actually this is Largest Temple in the world now in India named as Chandrodaya temple. 130 kilometers from Kolkata far,more than 500 workers are working in construction of a building that is going to be world’s largest temple the Chandrodaya temple .Chandrodaya temple largest temple in the world after construction will become high as much as a 30 floor skyscrapper .Now,very ancient famous temple of Angkorwat in Cambodia size ,which is considered as largest among all temples in the world, is spread in 8.20 lakh square meters . Largest Temple in the world now in IndiaWhereas,in height,250 foot high Ranganath Temple of Shrirangam,Tamil Nadu is on the top of list.! 500 years older Haziya Sofiya church(that later converted to mosque) of Turkey is also about 200 feet high.

Model Of Largest Temple in the world

But Chandrodaya Temple of Mayapur is largest from them in all aspects.That means it will be largest religious place for all religions of world.It will be completed till 2020.Largest temple in the world have dimensions of 300 feet high and 425 thousand square feet area . Chandrodaya Temple the Largest temple in the world is constructed with budget of 500 crores.It is expected that about 20 lakh visitors will visit this largest temple of the world every year . Chandrodaya Temple’s World class planetarium theatre has capacity of about 300 people that will visualize Universe as depicted in Hindus holy book Geeta.It will also be research centre of Vedic astrology and cosmology.Basically this is temple of God Narsinha dev and God Krishna.


Financial Help

International Council Of Krishna Counciousness(ISKCON) has initiated this work from two and half years . ISKCON is collecting half of finance from donations . 7ooo square feet estimated cost is supported partnership by donators of all over the world.Till now,more than 6000 people have financed for construction of Largest Temple in the world .Iskcon has network over 85 countries and has more than 1000 temples.Only Owner of Ford Motors Company financed for about 250 crores.

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