KarwaChauth Fast an Indian festival for long life of husband


karwachauthKarwachauth :Today is a very special day for every Indian woman.  It is the Indian festival of India when all Hindu women, married as well as unmarried, keep a strict fast and don’t even take water for whole day; married women-for the long-life of their husbands and unmarried girls-to get a good husband. This festival is popular in north and west India especially in Punjab, Haryana,  Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

Karwachauth a one day Indian festival of India comes nine days before Deepavli.


The term ‘Karwa‘ means an earthen pot with spout-symbolizes  peace and prosperity, and ‘chauth‘ means fourth day. This festival falls on the fourth day of the new moon immediately after dussehra.imagesCAMC4PIN

Karwachauth is considered as the most important fast for married Indian women.

At Karwachauth is an Indian festival for the women, by the women and of the women, the women indulge in a lots of cosmetic purchase for this special occasion.  The parlors witness heavy rush. The bookings in parlors start many days earlier. To get an appointment in a parlor on this day is really very difficult.  Women buy different ornaments, new bangles ,Mehndi and other pooja items like karwa, matthi. They dress up best of their finery. They wear heavy sarees and jewelry and adorn themselves with all the symbols of a married women like sindoor, nose pin, tika, bangles, bindi, earrings etc.


A lot of rituals are performed on this Indian festival Karwachauth . Women get up early in the morning. It is a ritual that mother- in- law has to send her dauuntitledghter- in- law a packet of food which is usually known as sargi. women eat this before the sunrise and after this their fast begins. They are not allowed to eat or drink anything for whole day.

In the evening, the fasting women all over the neighborhood gather in group and narrate stories telling the significance of KarwaChauth. They worship Shiv, Parvati, their son Kartikey along with earthen pots filled with water and sweets. These pots are given to daughters or sisters.After this every woman waits for the moon eagerly. When moon appears, women offer water to the moon (usually called giving Arg) and pray for the safety, long life and prosperity of their husband. after this they break their fast by drinking water from  the hands of their husband.  And, of course, all wives expect gifts from their husbands.

With this the day long fast finally comes to an end.

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