How to create your own WiFi network

Create your own WiFi network

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Create your own WiFi network WiFi is a most popular technology among the people to share the information or connect the internet wirelessly .The range of WiFi is about 20 meters or more . WiFi work with no cable connections . You can also connect with each other wirelessly to play games , watching videos etc . These are also some high speeds which depends on the range of networks .If you want to Create Your Own Wifi network then this tutorial works only with WEP WiFi Networks,not WPA or WPA2.If you want to hack WPA or WPA2 WiFi networks,wait for new tutorials on!

Creating own wifi networks is work on PC with operation system windows.Ethically there are no any measures for other operation system like MAC or Linux.

Below are the simple steps using which you can create your own WiFi Network:

1) You should have Windows 7 or windows 8 installed on your computer. It should have internet connection or router arrangement along with system to be shared over WiFi network.Configuring the modes of security is very important to mixed  WPA/WPA2-PSK.

2) Most of today’s computer come already enabled with WiFi capabilities (wireless network… card). So if your computer is not too old, it must have already equipped with built-in WiFi. If your computer is too old, you can also buy a USB network adapter.create your own wifi network, Creating Own Wifi networks,virtual router,wifi networks

3) Finally, download and install a simple, free utility called Virtual Router. After installation, open the Virtual Router. You can choose your own network name and password to connect. You can also select the connection you want to share over WiFi. Click “Start Virtual Router” and you are done! You can now easily find and connect to your WiFi network using your phone, tablet or another computer.

Don’t Be Selfish , must share this with your online friends to keep them updated .


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