How to add Notepad on Desktop Right Click Menu

How to add Notepad on Desktop Right Click Menu

Here you will learn How to add Notepad on Desktop Right Click Menu , Many times we prevent desktop from being rushed. Either we gather them inside a single folder or we delete them. So here I bring you a simple trick to place any desired application on right click menu. In this you will learn this trick by hacking registry. Notepad is very important file for any computer user as Notepad can serve as .txt file , .bat file , .htm file etc . So make use this trick to access Notepad easily .

This trick will make you more tricky and showing yourself as an computer expert in front of your friends .

Example ::  How to add a notepad on Desktop context menu

1. First step is to open regedit.exe through Start>Run.Browse the following key.



2. Now create a new key under the shell key with name similar to the name to be displayed on desktop menu.Right click on the “shell” key & then choose New\Key from the menu.

how to add notepad

3. Give the name “Notepad“.


4. If you want to assign an “Alt” key , change the default value data by putting an “&“.By this you can assign a single key for application.


5. Next you have to create a command key which is used to launch the application.Right click on new Notepad key & then choose New\Key from menu.

image41 (1)

6. Give this a name”command” in lowercase.


7. Now you need full path of the application you want to launch.Shift+Right-Click to get the path copy.


8. Now click on command on left side& Double click on (Default) key in right side to edit string value.


9. Paste the full path that u got from above(Copy as Path) or u can put it by yourself.


Now Right Clicking on desktop will show you the Notepad.

image26For Previous Trick –>> Click Here

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