Dolphin Facts | Dolphin call each other like Humans

Dolphin Facts-Dolphin call each other like Humans


Dolphin facts : Today Man is known to use maximum brain.He can create new ideas , solve problems..Every man has different identity i.e name.But now a new study has revealed that  Dolphin have names for each other and call for each other just like humans. Dolphin also has some interesting part inside them . So please check this review to know about the sentences .

University of St Andrews in Scotland did research & has found that the marine mammals use a unique whistle to identify each other.Do you want to be efficient in Maths ,Know some Maths TrickClick Here

It has been a long time suspect that dolphin use different whistles in much the same way that humans use names.

To investigate, researchers recorded a group of wild bottle nose dolphin, capturing each animal’s signature sound, after which they played these calls back using underwater speakers.

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They found that individuals only responded to their own calls, by sounding their whistle back. Dolphin whistle to produce the message , wants to convey to other dolphin .

The team believes the dolphin are acting like humans: when they hear their name, they answer  according to the messages.

Dr Vincent Janik , from the university’s Sea Mammal Research Unit,said most of the time dolphin can’t see each other, they can’t use smell underwater, which is a very important sense in mammals for recognition, and they also don’t tend to hang out in one spot, so they don’t have nests or burrows that they return to.

The study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences……………………

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