BBM (Blackberry Messenger) Review



As we promised in our last post about BBM telling its success and record downloads that we will bring you reviews of this blackberry app. So now we are here with the reviews of the Blackberry Messenger App, in short known as BBM.

As we discussed in our last post that BBM for Android and iPhone has emerged as a success as it is recorded that approximately 1 million people downloaded the app in just 24 hours. Even some of the users were put in waiting after the downloading. After the huge success of this BBM app, vice CEO of company claimed they have the potential to become world’s top social networking company and they will definitely achieve that landmark.

BBM for iPhone and android launched

Everybody knows that Blackberry current market value is very down and to gain their market value and status they launched the BBM app, knowing that their brand equity was high just because of BBM. People use to own Blackberry phones just to have BBM app because it was the most successful and versatile app a few years back. But now those Blackberry users are replaced by iPhone users and Android users.


Blackberry was a reputed and well known company a few years back in 2008-09 when its market share was promising. Those days its BBM app was considered the most successful app ever. At that time people were dependent on emails and MMS services to share videos, images, and audios. There were no chatting or sharing apps. But now the scenario is different. There are hundreds of chatting and media sharing apps. BBM is very old app when compared to the newer apps like Whats App Messenger, We Chat, Viber etc. The list is so long and the top messaging app differs from country to country. BBM app stands nowhere when compared to Whats App. When BBM was designed it was the fastest app when considered in keyboard typing speed and sharing speed. But now the apps like Whats App are far ahead than BBM in all the aspects. The one and only thing that saves BBM and has brought success to it is its Brand Value.  Also there are no video calls and voice calls in BBM app.


There are several problems that BBM can suffer in its growth. One of the biggest problem is that there are approx. 4 million users who are on Whats App. It will be a challenging task for BBM to force them to switch to newer Instant Messaging App. This is because people would like to have their all the friends in a single platform. The BBM App launched for the Android and iPhone contains nothing special and bring up same features as before. It is not much flexible as expected. It also lacks in no. of smileys and the stickers. One of the most useful and popular thing that is BBM PIN on which BBM relies sometimes considered to be a disaster because users are totally dependent on the BBM PIN to add contacts.


No doubt BBM for Android and iPhone is emerging as a success but at the same time we have to consider its sustaining rate among the users. People are stuck to the older IM apps. And also BBM doesn’t come up with any new thing that can attract users to install it. It is totally dependent on its brand value. Blackberry have to think about add on features in BBM in its new update so that the users who have installed it can be satisfied. Overall the app is good and useful but it needs some more features so that the users can switch from other IM apps to BBM.

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