7 competitions/tests every college student must know about

7 competitions or tests

competition or test

Every individual possesses a unique talent. The problem is how to nurture this unique ability and how to prove to others that they have it. By keeping this thing in mind, different competitions and tests are conducted all over India.

In this article, we have given the list of 10 such competitions/tests. These are selected on the basis of their popularity among the audience. And you can clearly imagine how good these will look on your resume…!! So read them once.


1. The  Free scale  Cup:

It is a global competition where student teams design, build  and program a car by their own. Then there’s a race among these cars, and the fastest car which completes the track, wins. All the things required to build the car are provided by freescale.

2. Accenture innovation jockeys:

This competition is a national level hunt for most innovative minds. Any undergraduate or post graduate student from any engineering school all over india can take part in this competition.

In this competition, participants have to present the everyday innovations around their college, city and homes.

3. Intel Embedded Challenge:

It is an embedded design contest for students studying in management institutions, technical institutions or any degree/diploma colleges. This competition has been put forward to inspire the students to design and develop embedded applications based on Intel Atom processors in areas such as Digital Security Surveillance, Consumer Electronics, Medical storage etc.


4. Global Business Challenge:

this is an international business competition. it is designed to bring out the best of the young business leaders of tomorrow. This competition provides the students a great opportunity to showcase their business skills.

By taking part in  it, you will experience how it feels like being a business leader, Along with this, you will gat a chance to impress some of the big industrialists and leading pioneers in the business world.


5. Power of ideas:

It is the India’s largest entrepreneurship development programme.  This programme aims at encouraging the  individuals with a business idea to come forward and connecting them with relevant investors and mentors.

Aptitude tests

6. Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT):

This test is used by the employers in business world to evaluate the employment candidates. This exam tests the individual’s ability to think on financial issues. The results of this test are used to measure the candidate’s level of readiness for a career in business and related fields.

7. Mensa IQ Test:

Mensa is the oldest and largest IQ society in world. it is a non-profit organization.

it is open for those who score 98th percentile or higher on a standardized and approved IQ test. The person who passes this test can become the member of elite high IQ club.

I hope that this article has given you much information .









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