Zee Tv’s Hindi Serial Jodhaa Akbar | A sixteenth century love story of Mughal Emperor Akbar and Raput Princess Jodhaa

Jodhaa Akbar A sixteenth century love story




Rajat Tokas as Akbar

He was ignorant about passion and love but eventually felling in love with Jodhaa and was transformed into a caring one.


Paridhi Sharma as Jodhaa

She was from a very royal family of Rajputs . She was good in singing and learned the war skills from his brother .

jodhaa akbar

Ashvini Kalsekar as Maha Manga

A selfish woman who used to govern the life of Akbar and without whose permission no one was allowed inside the coterie of the empire .

jodhaa akbar

Chetan Hansraj as Adham Khan

He was a physically stronger man but always used to put down in comparison of Akbar . He is the son of Maha Manga , against whose supremacy he was not able to prove himself , instead of trying his best .


Jodhaa Akbar hindi serial of Zee TV  claims to be totally fictional and has very little to do with facts. Ekta Kapoor  also mention that the period drama is 80 percent fact and 20 percent folklore. But after watching the daily soap, we must say it is very impressive.

Jodhaa Akbar is the love story of sixteenth century . It is about a political marriage between Mughal Emperor Akbar and Rajput princess Jodhaa

The story begins with Jalaluddin Mohammad(Akbar) who has inherited the kingdom from his father at the age of thirteen (13) years after his father’s death , successfully waging war to expand his Mughal empire. Under the guidance of Bairam Khan ( general of Mughal army ) he earns the reputation of being a ruthless and heartless conqueror. Jalal’s mother Hamida Banu Begum believes that her son is overly influenced by Bairam and Maham Anga – Jalal’s foster mother.

However, Jalal is very loyal to Bairam, his favourite wife Ruqaiya Sultan Begum as well as to Maham Anga and doesn’t believe in anything that anyone has to say against them.

But things changed soon as written in destiny. Jalal’s next political aim is to conquer the Rajput dynasties – top on the list is the kingdom of Amer.But even before he gets to Amer, he hears stories about princess Jodha and her beauty.The Mughal emperor is soon besotted by Jodha’s beauty, brains and bravery. Although we all know the story of Jodha Akbar very well, but Ekta kapoor attempts to give it a different spin – which we all liked.

Overall Jodhaa Akbar Zee TV’s Hindi Serial is entertaining and history learning show .


2 thoughts on “Zee Tv’s Hindi Serial Jodhaa Akbar | A sixteenth century love story of Mughal Emperor Akbar and Raput Princess Jodhaa

  1. I want that ,,ki aaj is serial ka big apisod dikhya jaye……………………………………………………………………………….this is heart touching serial,..

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