Women tips for Self Defense|Save Women,save girls

Women tips for Self Defence

Women tip for self defense Today the women are not safe anywhere due to the crimes prevailing in the world so each women should know the self defense tips to defend herself .

Be conscious of time and place

Before going outside each women of you should be conscious about the time and place of travel. Early Morning and late time , you will find fewer people , so less scope of help.Before going to any new place make sure about any cases of that place such as eve-teasing,chain snatching, or any other .

Stay alert, act now

In case you are walking and suddenly a vehicle stops by your side , think of why ? Change your taxi or train bogie in case any person amiss while travelling .While walking if you find any person following you then either change your path or contact the authorities .

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy

Always keep emergency numbers

Call at 103 for Women’s Emergency Phone Call Centre
Call 1090 for Senior Citizens
Call at 100 for Police Hotline

Being stalked? Inform the police

In case you find any eve-teaser near your college , home , bus stop or in any routes you take regularly than immediately inform the police to prevent any mishap . If you take it lightly than it could be a cause to harm you such as acid attack , knivee attack etc , so about any such case please inform to your friends also .

Stay fit

The most important is fitness .Fitness doesn’t only mean to be active but you need to know some basic self  defense .

Learn basic self-defense 

Every women who cares for herself should know some basic self defense tips . No need to go in martial arts as we are not living in jungle ,but the basics of martial , judo and karate should be in the minds of women so that they can tackle the situation and save themselves .

Project confidence 

Each women should be confident and mentally strong to tackle the situation .

Carry an extra battery and pepper spray

Today communication is very important specially at night when you are travelling in remote areas , for this you should have a handy mobile with an extra battery . Pepper spray can be helpful , also you should note the taxi number or auto number while travelling at night . It is advisable to women to never go alone .


In case you are not having any helping material than there is only one way which a female can do better is to shout and ask for help . Sometimes during any attack our minds stop thinking in that case shout so that people nearby can come for help .


Always keep one arm free to defend yourself or use something to attack attacker . 


Walk against the traffic, so you can see and avoid potential molesters on bikes or cars approaching. 


Shadows can alert you to a stalker`s presence. 

Pretend to be part of a group. The attacker will think twice before accosting you. 


Always walk along the walls so you can defend only in one side and remember never go into the corners

Don’t Be Selfish , must share with online friends .


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