The story of Halloween with Google Doodle

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone..!!

For those who don’t know, Halloween is  a festival celebrated in European countries especially America.

It one of the most strangest celebrations of the year. This festival is celebrated on 31st October every year.


2,000 years back, the new year harvest was considered to be on November 1. It was believed that on the night before the new year i.e. on 31st October, the boundaries between world of dead and the living becomes blurred. The day of 31st October was considered to be the day of return of ghosts and spirits of dead to the earth. After many years, various supernatural entities like witches and fairies came to be associated with Halloween.

Halloween is a season for little goblins and ghosts to take to the streets and asking for candies and scaring others. On this day, spooky stories are told around bonfires, pumpkins are carved into lanterns and scary movies appear in theaters. People dress up as ghosts or witches or vampires or monsters. Have you decided your costume..!!


They decorate their houses with skeletons and ghost masks and many other scary things. Halloween parties are also organized.

There is a ritual associated with this festival, called Trick-or-Treat. It is an activity for children in which they proceed from house to house in Halloween costumes and ask for the Treat. If the Treat is not given, they play a Trick on the homeowner. This is one of the main traditions of the Halloween.

Google doodle


This year Google has come up with an extra ordinary doodle for HalloweenYou must check it out. This shows a witch flipping pages. The witch then starts making a potion with four ingredients: apple, bone, skull and a glass bottle. On adding any two gradients by clicking, different Halloween related visuals appears on the screen including pumpkins, white ghost spirits and coffins with mummies.

Along with this, Google has added up Easter eggs with searches like ‘ghost’, ‘witch’, ‘evil’.

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