Terrorist Nairobi Attack|37 Foreigner,2 Indian died

Nairobi Terrorist Attack : 39 Died

kenya terrorist attack

This Saturday was worst for those 39 peoples who lost their life due to the terrorist attack in a fancy mall in Nairobi , Kenya . According to latest updates it is found that these 39 peoples includes 2 Indians & 2 Canadian . Also many peoples were wounded in this attack , this wounded peoples counts about 150 peoples among which there is an 8 year Indian child . This was a severe attack by terrorist which shocked the victims family . The 150 wounded peoples has been sent to hospitals and are given treatment to cure them . 


This Nairobi ‘s mall is called Westgate meaning is the symbol of Kenya‘s rising prosperity . This mall is an impressive five story building , where the native Kenyans can buy expensive cups of frozen yogurt and plates of shushi . Saturday is the day when this mall is heavily crowded and is an easy target for terrorists . American officials were warned long time about that Nairobi mall are the ripe and easy target for the terrorists especially the Westgate , reason being that it has a cafe at the   ground floor and the right off streets are owned by Israelis .


kenyaattackDuring attack there was one journalist present there who has recorded all what happened there . At the time of firing , parents covered their child with their bodies to save them and in this protection some of them loose their lives and some were wounded . Some peoples started rushing outside the mall building through the ventilators . The shopkeepers tried to hide behind the plastic mannequins cloth designer store , but two from terrorist troops shot them on their head and killed them . In a n hour the place where , peoples were exited to buy new things got only the  sufferings . The mall’s gleaming floor was smeared full of blood and dead bodies . Kenya Police suspects the Shabab ‘ s group for this terror attack .

The Shabab  and Islamist militant group located in Somalia took the responsibility for this attack as they said  that this was the revenge for the  Kenyan military operations in Somalia which began about two years ago .

Shabab’s spokesperson Ali Mohamoud Rage warned Kenyan government that Kenya will not get peace till they pull their military out of the Somalia , in radio address . Kenya ‘ s president said the terrorist as coward and Kenya will remain stand like the lions .



By Saturday night the commandos   captured the assailants of the third floor and cleared that area . Among them one of the assailant died in the hospital due to the shooting from commando side . The report says that among the assailants , one was the woman . The witness describe about the weapons with the assailants as AK – 47 and G-3 assault rifle and throwing grenades .

” Only the non Muslims were targeted and the Muslims were escaped early ” said the reported who witnessed the scene .


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