Ratnagarh Mata Temple Incident|89 died,150 pilgrims injured

Ratnagarh Mata Temple : Madhya Pradesh

ratnagarh mata temple

Again a massive incident in Ratnagarh Mata Temple has caused .Continuously from past two or three years there have been dozens of disasters such as earthquakes , Tsunami , recent disaster in Odisha and now this incident which have taken place in Ratnagarh Mata Temple in Madhya Pradesh .This incident have taken place on Sunday between 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm in Ratnagarh Mata Temple Madya Pradesh . We keep on updating you with the current affairs in India .

According to the current report about 89 peoples are killed and about 150 pilgrims are injured because of the stampede . Many of them jumped into the Sindh river to save themselves from been crushed by the stampede at Ratnagarh Mata Temple .

This happened on Sunday , the last day of Navratri , when large number of pilgrims and devotees went to Ratnagarh Mata Temple pilgrim place in India . When whole of the crowd consisting of pilgrims reached the bridge which lies before the Ratnagarh Mata Temple , a stampede took place there because of which many pilgrims along with child were killed and many were found injured . Some of the pilgrims escaped and  jumped into the river to save them from being crushed . As the bridge lying before the Ratnagarh Mata Temple ( a pilgrim place in India ) is narrow on which there was a huge crowd so to control them , the police there used some force due to which the crowd get panicked and start rushing in random manner .

Government legislator and Datia legislator Narottam Mishra added that the stampede caused was because of the police mild force for controlling the crowd , but it was because of rumored of breaking of bridge .

Previously from many years during the end of Navratri , many pilgrims reached Ratnagarh Mata Temple . This time also millions of people were going to temple , many were on their vehicles like tractors . Narrow bridge and much crowd caused the hurdle in the crowd , many jumped into the river to escape from being crushed , many were injured . The major problem caused when taking the injured to the hospitals because of jam like situation there . Sonia Gandhi also expressed her sorrow to the victims of Ratnagarh Mata Temple incident and their family members . She expressed hope for hospitalizing and treating the wounded properly .

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